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Int'l Federation for East Timor Urges Fully Integrated UN Mission Calls for Australian troops to forego separate command

Statement of T-L Civil Society Supporting a UN-led security presence in Timor-Leste

Call to put all foreign troops in Timor-Leste under UN command

TAPOL, ETAN Call UN Proposals on Justice for Timor-Leste “Inadequate” Letter to UN Secretary-General on Justice

LH: Status of Forces Agreements for foreign troops and police deployed to Timor-Leste in May

LH: The Paradox of Aid in Timor-Leste

Listen to ETAN's Forum on the crisis in East Timor

LH Suggestions for the Next United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste

ETAN: Secretary of Defense Must Not Undermine Reform, Rights on Visit to Jakarta

ETAN: Statement by the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network on the Current Violence in Timor-Leste

ETAN Calls for Restrictions on Military Assistance to Indonesia to Promote Reform and Accountability; House Committee Would Turn a Blind Eye to Rights Violations, Impunity

ETAN Statement on Recent Events in Timor-Leste; Country Fragile, International Assistance, Justice Still Needed

Groups Urge Congress to Restrict Assistance to Indonesian Military in Legislative Mark-up  

Groups Urge Australia to Adopt Humane Refugee Policies Toward Papuans; Oppose Proposed Changes to Migration Law

Key Senators Criticize Waiver Allowing U.S. Weapons Exports to Indonesia; Cite Administration's Lack of Strategy to Encourage Accountability and Reform

Bush Administration Grants Unlimited Military “Aid” to Indonesia Betrays Military’s Victims and End-Runs Congress
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I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.
Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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Pramoedya Ananta Toer dies (also excerpts from statements on E. Timor)
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August 18 - 26

U.N. authorizes 1,600 police and 34 military liaison officers for East Timor _ but no troops
Dili Urgently Needs More Police- PM

Govt presents plan to reorganize violence-fractured police force
Gov't approves plan to restructure national police force
East Timor ends emergency measures
E Timor doubles security spending

Dawn raid grabs 62 suspected rioters, homemade weapons
East Timor's government 'saddened' over latest violence
Two Australian policemen injured by rock-throwing mob in Dili
25 held in Timor after Aussie assault

Jakarta-Dili Ties on the Mend (refugees)

East Timor looks back to Brazil for songs of freedom
Aceh's Former Rebels Demand Justice

UNOTIL Daily Media Review 

25 August
24 August
23 August
22 August
19 - 20 August

Security Council Debates and Passes Next UN Mission

Security Council Report: Twenty Days in August: The Security Council Sets Massive New Challenges for UN Peacekeeping"

Jose Luis Guterres (left), Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste, addressing the Security Council, Aug. 15. UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras  

UN Split on Australian-led Timor Force
Kofi Annan urges new UN mission with almost 1,500 police, troops
Statement on the situation in Timor-Leste, SC, August 15, 2006

UN: Security Council Extends Mandate of United Nations Office in Timor-Leste until 25 August, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 1703 (2006)*
UN’s Timor-Leste mission extended briefly while Council mulls future options*
Security Council Report: Update Report No.3*

NZGOV: Peters welcomes UN report on Timor*

UN: Timor-Leste: UN envoy calls for an expanded mission*
UN: Security Council Considers Proposals for New, Integrated United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste Consisting Of Military, Police, Civilian Components*

Provisonal Transcript of 15 August 2006 Security Council Meeting* Statements by Timor-Leste; Australia; Malaysia; New Zealand; Portugal; United States

Rights groups blast Annan's recommendations on atrocities justice
UN: Report of the Secretary-General on Justice and Reconciliation for Timor-Leste
Annan Calls for Steps to Ensure Justice for 1999 Rights Violations*

TLGOV: Letter to Security Council requestingthat the military component be under UN command and control.*

Security Council Report: August 2006, Timor-Leste

Future UN mission should be mainly police force - US official
U.S. intends to support new UN peacekeeping mission in ET

Timor-Leste needs ‘long term commitment’ from international community: UN envoy*
Special Envoy Ian Martin Press Encounter following briefing with the Security Council*

Ian Martin (right), Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Timor-Leste, briefs the Security Council. UN Photo/Marie Gandois  

UN's legacy of shame in Timor
Letter to Ian Martin from Rede Feto (Women's Network) Timor Leste
UN Security Council meets to plan new peacekeeping force
Portuguese-speaking nations back UN force in Timor
Australian PM in E. Timor Talks; Sees Need for Intl Forces 'For Some Time'

Timor-Leste: UN envoy outlines tasks of new UN mission in troubled country* (July 10)
UN: SG welcomes establishment of new Timor-Leste government, calls for spirit of reconciliation* (July 10)
UNOTIL: Press Conference by Special Envoy Ian Martin* (July 9)

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August 12 - 18

Timor youths go on rampage again
After threats, UN envoy asks for police posts at displaced camps
E.Timor on track to stability, elections says PM
Sporadic incidents mar otherwise 'tranquil' Dili - GNR commander
Darkness brings fear in East Timor
International police in East Timor neutral - commander
Displaced Timorese await signals from "big people"

Catholic Bishop calls for end to regional rivalry, revenge attacks
Conflict resolution, humanitarian aid cited as needs in riot-torn East Timor

E.Timor PM says confident gas pact will get OK
Petronas, Oilex groups to search for oil, gas in Timor Sea

Overhaul of military starts next month, says PM
Alkatiri applauds high court ruling on his FRETILIN party leadership

AUSGOV: Humanitarian Law Training-FDTL Training

TNI in Urgent Need of Reform
In East Timor's story, lessons for Indonesia
Letter to Editor
No guarantee US won't impose another military embargo, says US amb.
No Gross Violations Of Human Rights In RI in Last 2 Years, Indonesia President Says

UNOTIL Daily Media Review 

18 August
17 August
16 August
15 August
12 - 14 Aug

  IOM trucks deliver rice to the 1500 IDPs living at the Becora Canossiana Sisters camp. © IOM 2006 (Photo: Angela Sherwood)

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UNMIT: UN Police “Operation Blue Breeze” Kicks Off New UN Mission in Timor-Leste

New Zealand to Downsize Military Commitment to Timor Leste

Davao-based regional solidarity organization spearheads 4-day solidarity and democracy mission to Timor-Leste

Status of Forces Agreements for foreign troops and police deployed to Timor-Leste in May, plus 2002 agreements with the United Nations and the United States on the status of their forces in Timor-Leste.

UNOTIL: SRSG: “District Officials Responsible for Obtaining and Spending National Budget Resources Properly for the People”
UNOTIL: Hasegawa calls for Renewed Commitment to Sustaining Integrity of the Judiciary

WFP: Emergency Report n. 33 18 August 2006
WFP vows continuing support to Timor-Leste Government

Reconstructing Tuberculosis Services After Major Conflict: Experiences And Lessons Learned In East Timor

UNOTIL Commemorates the Anniversary of the Loss of Sergio Vieira de Mello and UN Colleagues

UNCIEF: Emergency classes help children get back to school in Timor-Leste  
UNCIEF: Emergency classes help children get back to school in Timor-Leste. Click here for video  

Second Rebirth for East Timor?

UNOTIL Convenes a Consultative Meeting on Electoral Laws
UN: SRSG Visits Baucau and Viqueque

TSDA: JPDA Acreage Release 2006 Award of Bids
TSDA: Nan Hai VI Incident Investigation

IOM: Return and reintegration dialogue begins for IDPs
UNICEF: Emergency classes help children get back to school in TL
AVI back in operation in Timor-Leste

OCHA: Timor-Leste: Population Displacement OCHA Situation Report No. 15
WFP: Timor Leste: Market Profile for Emergency Food Security Assessments

UN: SRSG Hasegawa Calls for Further Support to Becora Prison Facility

UNHCHR: Annual Report 2005

JSMP: The Case of Alfredo Reinado English, Bahasa, Português

Quarterly report for Timor-Leste's Petroleum Fund, covering April-June 2006

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Progressio: Rallying cry of East Timor's women

TAPOL: Timor Leste: A complex crisis

UNHCHR: Commissioners Of Independent Special Commission For Inquiry For Timor-Leste Commence First Visit
UNOTIL PIO interview with Luc Cote, Executive Director, Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste

TAPOL: New moves to bring Suharto to justice

AUSGOV: Drawdown of Timor Deployment Starts

UNOTIL: SRSG Calls for Observance of Rule of Law

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August 5 - August 13

Rights groups blast Annan's recommendations on atrocities justice
UN's Annan submits recommendations on new E.Timor mission

RI Underestimated Power of NGOs - Alatas
Indonesian Official admits mistakes in Timor

E. Timor parliament passes delayed US$315m budget
PM Ramos Horta seeks up to US$ 600m in Kuwaiti development financing

Church tries to foster reconciliation, but the wound heals slowly
Dili's displaced grow as sporadic communal clashes continue
Stability returns to the streets of Dili as AFP builds trust
Despite peacekeepers, East Timor's refugees stay in squalid camps

STP-CAVR: Summary Report on Visit to Indonesia, 27 July-2 August 2006

UNOTIL Daily Media Review 

11 August
10 August
9 August
8 August
7 August


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August 4 - July 29

Ramos-Horta quizzed in Alkatiri case
152,000 E. Timorese in Camps Too Afraid to Go Home- UN
Some Australian Troops Leave East Timor
Parliament approves Ramos Horta government program
State of Emergency to be extended, new Govt to maintain policy line

Timor Leste-RI Maritime Boundary Needs to Be Prioritized [JP Op-Ed]
E. Timor protective of oil, gas industry

Senior US official meets East Timor's president
Future UN mission should be mainly police force - US official
U.S. intends to support new UN peacekeeping mission in ET

James Dunn- Timor Leste, July 2006– A Land of Hope and Challenges
Crisis in Timor Leste- looking for the causes to find solutions
East Timor - nation-building in a rush
Letters on East Timor

CAVR report sees light of day
New East Timor govt to prioritize reconciliation- PM

U.S. Senate Discussing Financing Equipment for TNI
Obituary-Daniel S. Lev- Indonesia Expert, Human Rights Advocate

UNOTIL Daily Media Review

4 August
3 August
2 August
1 August
July 29 - 31

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