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Daily Media Review Wednesday, 15 March 2006

National Media Reports

F-FDTL Members Will Not Join PNTL

Minister of Interior Rogerio Lobato has rejected the rumour that the more than 600 expelled F-FDTL soldiers will join the PNTL, and has asked the public to stop believing this rumour. Speaking to journalists at his office on Tuesday, Rogerio stated that if someone is not serving in the F-FDTL then automatically they will not serve in the PNTL. He said that it is very important that the media do not take up the rumour, which will only contribute to further confusion, as the policy of the Minister of Interior is clear. He explained that the soldiers have the right to leave the F-FDTL, but when conducting recruitment the PNTL will be sure to take note if any of those names appear in enrollment. (DN, STL, TP)

Discrimination By President Of NP: Sabino

Head of the PD Bench in the National Parliament Mariano Sabino has complained that the President of the Plenary Session in the National Parliament has discriminated against the PD Bench by cancelling the presentation of a report from the Quelicai Sub-district branch of PD. Coordinator of the branch, Agapito Ribeiro, Cabral was to read the report in yesterday’s plenary session, the objective of which was to refute claims by the village and sub-village chief that PD had raised its flag in their village without first informing the local community leaders. According to Sabino, the President of the Parliament is its spokesperson and the one who should facilitate the work of the Parliament by allowing the MPs to speak, as they are instruments of information. He stated that by limiting the opportunities for MPs to speak, the Parliament is also preventing the people’s wishes from being voiced. (TP)

PMD Will Fight to Include Gender Program in Curriculum

The Millennium Democratic Party (PMD) has stated that it will fight to include gender teachings in the school curriculum, to be taught at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, and also to become a factor inherent in all institutions. According to a press release issued on Tuesday, PMD wishes to respond to the current reality by advancing a change in Timor-Leste society. PMD has established a 35 percent quota for women candidates for the legislature, in support of women’s involvement in politics. PMD considers women’s rights to be fundamental, and they will continue to facilitate and promote Timorese women via training and capacity building. They maintain however that women who are to become involved in politics must be well trained, and able to problem-solve to become good leaders. (TP)

UNDP Politicizes Poverty In TL

Head of ASDT party bench, Feliciano de Fatima Alves also known as Mausiri, stated that UNDP report on poverty in TL tended to politicize rather than describing the reality of this country. It was acknowledged that the people of Timor-Leste had faced a very difficult situation after the referendum in 1999, however, after the establishment of the transitional Government under the UN the situation was neutralized and back to normal. “We are indeed poor, but we don’t live under the poverty line. This is proven by the fact that the people still live in healthy conditions and no one is thin due to malnutrition. In front of the shops and streets we don’t find beggars as you find in other countries in the world,” Alves said. (STL)

Community Considers Police as Enemy

Members of the community in Balide have complained that an operation carried out by members of the police on Sunday night did not follow standard procedures. According to the people in the area, police detained youths at random when a fight erupted between two groups, Rumbia Kaikoli and Rebal Mascarenhas. PNTL Commander, Paulo Martins said he himself received complaints saying the police actions were excessive because the community considers police the enemy. He said that some members of the community pelted the police when they arrived in the area. “If police are considered the enemy, then imagine if the police did not turn up. What would have happened? Now the police show up and the people start throwing rocks at the police car. How can it be?” Martins asked. According to Timor Post, the incident left two houses damaged after a police officer supported the group Rebal in damaging the house of a member of a one of the rival groups. The owner of the house said that although her son was involved, the police should have just detained him rather than helping to destroy her house. In the meantime, PNTL Commander Martins said he has met with the two women who have claimed to have suffered damage to their properties abetted by the police during the melee. Martins added that if the investigation proves any members of the police behaved as accused, measures will be taken according to the police disciplinary regulations. (TP)

RTTL news headlines 14-03-2006

Klibur Students Bobonaro on Christopher Samson’s citizenship

Klibur Estudantes Bobonaro (Bobonaro Student Association) has reportedly called on the Government, through the Department of Immigration, to address the citizenship status of Christopher Henry Samson, the Executive Director of NGO LABEH. Speaking at a press conference, the Association stated that the Government’s policy to deport Samson is unconstitutional. Meanwhile, Mr. Samson himself reportedly told journalists that he was prepared to go and testify before a tribunal and be deported to Angola.

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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