March  2006

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Rights Groups Write UN Secretary-General on Justice for East Timor

ETAN: Solidarity message on Kontras 8th anniversary

March 16 Protest at Indonesian Embassy in Washington

As Secretary of State Visits Jakarta, Rights Group Urges U.S. Policy on Indonesia Promoting Justice and Rights, Not Military Might

ETAN, Other Groups Write State Department on Indonesia Military Aid

ETAN Rejects Added Aid for Indonesian Military; Responds to Bush Administration’s Waiver Justification

ETAN activist Luis Kemnitzer, Dead at 77

ETAN: Indonesia Must Confront Its Past, Accept Responsibility and Deliver Justice for Timor Atrocities; ETAN Posts Entire Timor Truth Commission (CAVR) Report on Website

ETAN Urges Veto of Timor- Leste Defamation Provisions

ETAN Calls for Broad International Discussion of Timor Truth Commission  Report

ETAN Statement on Timor-Leste/Australia Maritime Arrangement

Bush Administration Grants Unlimited Military “Aid” to Indonesia Betrays Military’s Victims and End-Runs Congress; Printable PDF version

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March 27 - April 3
No links between recent street violence and troop sackings, says FM
Dili has NO riots or lockdown
Home Affairs Minister Rogerio Lobato vows to catch rioters
E Timor tense as soldiers desert barracks 

Timor Leste Press Essential In Building National Identity
Pacts clear legal fog to let Timor Sea operations take off
A free East Timor struggles on

Sen. Feingold Report from Indonesia
Reluctant Indonesians (Papua) - Clinton Fernandes

TNI and E. Timor police repair bridge
RI Military Hands Over Cuban Doctor To E Nusa Tenggara Police

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31 March

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Secretary Rice shakes hands with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, March 14, 2006. © AP/WWP  

U.S.-Indonesia Military Assistance

US Lifts Ban on Sale of Lethal Arms to Indonesia 

Letter- Rice's words on Indonesia ring hollow
RI, U.S. navies conclude joint exercise

U.S. Aid to Corrupt TNI Risks More Rights Abuses
Rice Praises Indonesia As Model of 'Tolerance' [+ST]
Human rights groups blast Rice for defending military ties with Indonesia
U.S., RI agree to enhance military cooperation
France's military wants more cooperation with RI
Remaking the mistakes of East Timor in West Papua (S Burchill)
USGOV: Navies from the United States and Indonesia Conduct Joint Military Exercise in the Sulawesi Sea*

March 15 - 24
Sacking of nearly 600 troops 'unfair and wrong' - President Gusmão
East Timor Disorder- No Military Disciplinary Code, No Defence Policy

East Timor premier reaffirms support for Japan's U.N. bid
Timor seeks Japanese oil and gas help after Australia deal

East Timor's Legislative Bully (defamation)
GLW: The cost of neoliberal advice

RI ambassador to Timor Leste leads meeting on border
Permanent TNI posts to be built near E. Timor- Djoko
Kompas- Fate of Timor refugees

RI, Timor Leste agree to settle problems through TFC
TLGOV: Explanation of vote after the vote Human Rights Council

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24 March
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East Timor's Truth Commission (CAVR) Report and other Justice Issues

Dili Demonstration Calls for Justice  
A march on the anniversary of East Timor independence in Dili. Rights activists have condemned a recommendation by East Timor's president that the truth commission's report be kept under wraps. (AFP/File/Candido Alves)  

ETAN: Indonesia Must Confront Its Past, Accept Responsibility and Deliver Justice for Timor Atrocities; ETAN Posts Entire Timor Truth Commission (CAVR) Report on Website

ETAN: Rights Group Calls for Broad International Discussion of Timor Truth Commission
Alliance for an International Tribunal Letter to UN Secretary-General

Suharto Avoids Int'l Tribunal- Unlike Hussein, Milosevic He Did What West Wanted 
The lessons of East Timor (CAVR) 
RI, Timor Leste agree to settle problems through TFC
TLGOV: Explanation of vote after the vote Human Rights Council

U.S. owes restitution to East Timor
Timor truths and the ghosts of the past
FM 'saddened' by Jakarta's upholding of jail term on militia boss
E. Timor leader says aims help Indonesia democracy
Court's East Timor verdicts under fire
Indonesia top court doubles Timor militiaman's term

International Press Institute concerned at failure to establish the truth about

TAPOL, et al: Open letter to UK Foreign Minister on CAVR report See also - article on the report in the latest TAPOL Bulletin, December 2005

ICTJ: Timor Truth Commission Report Released on ICTJ Web Site
ICTJ: Timorese Truth Commission Report Reveals Shocking Brutality, Calls for End to Impunity

USET: Letter to Secretary Rice on E Timor justice 

Xanana- We Must Close That Part of History
Ramos-Horta Discusses '99 Atrocities
Reveal Timor Leste history- Indonesian Expert
Crimes will go to trial, Timor Leste prosecutor says

Xanana, SBY let shame file slide
Indonesian, E Timor leaders seek international support for CTF
Gusmao, Yudhoyono meet in Bali
Dili, Jakarta's presidents discuss report on occupation bloodshed
Babies of war cruelly spirited away

The East Timor Truth Commission Report Shines

Benetech releases statistical report to CAVR
Coders Bare Invasion Death Count
Dissemination of CAVR Report

Benetech Initiative's statistical report prepared for CAVR

Making Amends in Timor Leste by Joe Nevins
IHRC-NZ: East Timor Truth Commission relevant to NZ

Dili protests NGO's publishing crimes against humanity report
Australian govt sidesteps accusations about Timor
Labor to grill Downer on E Timor report

Indonesian MPs demand government lodge protest against E Timor (CAVR)
The Problem of Coming Clean

Rape a Weapon of War in Timor Occupation
Report- How East Timor Fell

NSA: East Timor truth commission finds U.S. "political and military support were fundamental to the Indonesian invasion and occupation" "Responsibility" chapter published on Web by National Security Archive

U.S. Arms Helped Indonesia Attack East Timor
Balibo Five report sparks fresh calls for judicial inquiry
Xanana Gusmao in Security Council

President Called on to Ask Clarification from Xanana
Indonesia Too Hasty in Responding CAVR Report to UN
Jakarta stops visit on Timor atrocities
Indonesian Activists Criticize Government's Defensive Stance on CAVR
Yudhoyono-Xanana Meeting to be Rescheduled
Kalla denies Indonesia committed widespread rights abuses
BBC Monitoring quotes from Indonesian press 24 Jan 05

AU: Truth Commission verdict on East Timor
WP: E. Timor Atrocities Detailed
AU: Whitlam condemned for approval of 1975 invasion
Reconciliation with Jakarta without justice is meaningless, says bishop of Baucau

RI dismisses report on Timor atrocities during occupation
NZ should compensate East Timor, MP says
E. Timor rights group calls for debate on atrocities

UNOTIL: CAVR Report is not a UN document
Media misrepresentation of CAVR Report
Crimes against Humanity: Japanese Diplomacy, East Timor and the 'Truth Commission'

Exclusive Preview of CAVR Report- Juggling Pragmatism with Chilling Abuses
Admitting civil war 'excesses', PM Alkatiri rebuts 3,000 death toll
The search for truth divides East Timor

Timor Leste's Past- Let It Be or Bare It All?
E. Timor Leader Looks to Quash Massacre Report
Church leader urges UN chief to set up int'l war crimes court
Release E. Timor Atrocities Report Even If Indonesia Objects- Rights Groups

Timor truth and friendship commission set to examine bloodshed
East Timor Bishop Ricardo to UN Secretary-General on Justice

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March 17 - 11
GDP growth of over 6% needed to reach development goals, says PM
East Timor Seeks Help From International Agencies
Galp-Petrobras consortium competes for deepwater blocs in East Timor
First lady fights for her country torn

Dismissed soldiers ask Xanana to mediate row with army leadership
East Timor fires 500 soldiers 

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17 March
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In Memoriam

Nathan Osborn


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Timor-Leste and Development Partners Meeting (TLDPM), Dili, April 3-4, 2006 (with links to meeting documents and speeches as they become available)

UN Decolonization Committee Adjusts Plans for Pacific Regional Seminar in Dili
UN: GA Establishes New Human Rights Council

TLGOV: Prime Minister's meeting with Millennium Challenge Corporation delegation

TLGOV: Prime Minister visits Japan

UNOTIL Workshop for Civilian Advisors and Counterparts, Media release, Hasegawa Speech
WB: Follow up Course on Legal Drafting for Jurists and Technicians
UNOTIL: Summary Report of Consultative Group Meeting on Democratic Governance and Human Rights

Friends and Partners with East Timor March newsletter
Carmelite Friars of Australia and East Timor  update

TSDA: New Petroleum Mining Code & Model Production Sharing Contract for the JPDA
AusGOV: New Areas JPDA in Timor Sea Now 'Open for Business'
NT Government Welcomes East Timorese Officials
USAID: Timor-Leste's Torture Survivors Learn to Help One Another
USGOV: Millennium Challenge Corporation - Country rankings
Agroforestry trees in Timor-Leste

Progressio - East Timor: women of faith join together in solidarity

AsiaSource Interview: Jose Ramos-Horta
Hope Orphanage blog

Government of Japan: Food aid through the World Food Programme

World Bank Approves US$7 Million Capacity Building Program For Timor Leste
WB: Organizations Receive US$20,000 in Total from World Bank Small Grants Program

UN: Letter dated 10 March 2006 from the Secretary-General addressed to the President of the Security Council (Letter dated 2 March 2006 from the Senior Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste)

UN: Letter dated 20 January 2006 from the Permanent Representative of Timor-Leste to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

IFRC: Storms and floods Appeal Update No. 01

USGOV: Dili, East Timor: 2006 Crime and Safety Report

Article 98: Baseline study on the state of media law and media freedom in Timor-Leste; Indonesia

UNHCR: Timor-Leste's President Xanana Gusmão warmly welcomed

UN: Poor Asia-Pacific Countries Call For Free Access For Their Exports

UNDP: National Human Development Report 2006 - The Path out of Poverty, Integrated rural development

IMF: Statement by IMF Staff at the Conclusion of the 2006 Article IV Consultation Discussions
WB: Follow up Course on Legal Drafting for Jurists and Technicians
WB: Information and Communications for Development 2006 Timor chart

Human Rights First: Secretary Rice Must Raise Human Rights in Dialogue with Indonesia
U.S. State Dept. Country Reports on Human Rights 2005: East Timor Indonesia
Human Rights Brief: Review of Conference: "International Criminal Tribunals in the 21st Century"

Carmelite Friars of Australia and Timor-Leste:  Mission Coordinator Update

From Lisbon to Dili in Ultralight Fixed Wing Craft

Jose Ramos-Horta at School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Feb 27, audio  only: 
Click here to listen to the event RealAudio (53 min)
Click here to listen to the Q&A.
 RealAudio (30 min)

WB: Workshop Looks at Issues Constraining Access to Finance in Timor-Leste
WB: NGOs and Media receive 19 computers

UNOTIL: Summary Note 3rd Town Hall Meeting
UNOTIL: UN support to the National Elections
UNOTIL: Vox Pops: Week of 6 March 2006
UNTOIL: SRSG urges prevention at National Congress on HIV/AIDS

JSMP: Serious Crimes Suspects Continue to be Arrested
JSMP: New Code of Criminal Process Puts Pressure on District Courts
JSMP: Participation of Women in the Justice System of Timor Leste
JSMP Justice Update: Practical Legal Problems with the Implementation of the New Criminal Procedure Code and Criminal Penal Code English, Tetum, Bahasa, Portuguese
JSMP: Promulgation of the Freedom of Assembly and Demonstration Law

New Timor-Leste Penal Code (JSMP Warning: UNOTIL translation in English is poor quality) English, Portuguese 

JSMP Report: The Law of Gender-Based Violence in Timor-Leste English, Bahasa
JSMP Report: JSMP Training in the Districts of Timor-Leste English, Bahasa
JSMP Report: Overview of Timor Leste Justice Sector 2005 English, Bahasa

IFRC: Storms and floods DREF Bulletin No. MDRTP001
USAID: Financial Management Training Translates into Trade for Oecusse's Women

Unotil Holds Meeting On Border Management
Unotil Responds To Oecussi Crisis With Humanitarian Assistance

Shop at Powells and Support ETAN  
Shop at Powells Books & support ETAN. Browse selected books on Indonesia.  

WB: Workshop Adds to Radio Training Program for Women
WB: Development To Focus on Districts, Green Fuels

USGOV: U.S. Exports to East Timor from 2000-2005

La'o Hamutuk asks President not to approve defamation law
Int'l Federation of Journalists: Crucial Last Days for East Timor President to Veto Criminal Defamation in East Timor

UNOTIL: Electoral Assistance Needs Assessment Mission: Timor-Leste 16 November - 1 December 2005

World Bank: A New Form of Light is Spreading around Dili and Energy is being Saved in the Process
UNDP: Finding The Facts: New Poverty Analysis Underway In Timor-Leste
UNOTIL responds to Oecussi crisis with humanitarian assistance

UNOTIL convenes meeting on the need for international support to the media
UNOTIL convenes meeting on Transparency and Accountability

UnionsNT & MUA flag concern over Darwin LNG shipment

WFP: Emergency Report No. 5 / 2006 - Date 03 February 2006
UNICEF: Hungry for change: the fight against malnutrition in Timor-Leste
UNICEF brochure on Street Children
UNICEF: President of Timor-Leste Xanana Gusmão launches UNICEF report ‘The State of the World’s Children 2006’
UNICEF: Community radio programme gives children a loud and clear voice

Statements in the Security Council: UN Media Summary; UN Provisional Verbatim transcript
Country Statements SRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa; Xanana Gusmao for Timor-Leste; Australia; Denmark; EU Presidency Statement; Greece; USA

UN: Progress report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Office in Timor-Leste (for the period 16 August 2005 to 13 January 2006)
Security Council Report: Expected Council Action on Timor-Leste


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March 11 - March 3

Poverty a threat to Timor's stability
Timor gas revenue must go to the poor
E. Timor must rely on oil
Timor to Sign 1st Offshore Exploration Deals in Mid-June

First lady fights for her country torn
East Timor activist pushing for fair trade in NZ 
Macau to provide aid against contagious diseases 

Laugh Yourself to Death- U.S. Human Rights Report 
Rumsfeld and Leahy on military aid to Indonesia 
Responses to Australia's Ambassador to the US speech about Indonesia 

The Secret War Against the Defenseless People of W Papua 
RI told to settle human rights issues bilaterally, regionally 

W Timor Bishop Wants Governments To Arrange Lasting Solution For Former Refugees 

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10 March

08 March
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March 2 - February 26
Almost 600 troops involved in 'strike' against poor conditions
Hundreds of striking E Timor troops face dismissal
East Timor Army strike sparks security fears

Redemption in East Timor

Indonesia to station Marines on outlying islands 
RI considering joint security post at border with East Timor 

Ramos Horta in US to discuss his UNSG candidacy, future mission 
As Ramos-Horta mulls UN top post, power struggles percolate 

Kopassus troops train in Australia
Rights group blasts plans for expanded U.S. military cooperation with Indonesia

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03 March
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28 February
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