Subject: TEMPO: CTF Hearing Did Not Reveal All the Facts, Indonesian Chair

Judgment at the Hearing Did Not Reveal All the Facts Tuesday, 03 April, 2007 | 14:54 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The hearing held last week by the Indonesia-Timor Leste Truth and Friendship Commission (KKP) is regarded as not yet having revealed all the facts that are related to the bloody incident post-referendum. "The collecting of data and opinion that we have carried out only covered one third of the facts," KKP Chairman Benjamin Kangkoedilaga told Tempo yesterday (2/4).

According to Benjamin, KKP is still collecting the facts by documentary research and hearing with many sides. "Including the victims. Some victims have been asked. For those who haven't, they will be," he said. Benjamin was hesitant to name the Indonesian civil and military officials who have been asked by the KKP.

Early last week, the commission asked for statements from several notables who are related to the post-referendum incident including Dili Bishop MGR Carlos Filipe Cimenes Belo; former Dili Regent Dominggos Mariadas Dores Soares; former President B.J. Habibie; former East Timor Military Regiment Commander Major General Tono Suratman and pro-integration figure Eurico Guterres.

Benjamin said he has not yet been able to make a conclusion out of these statements. He said that KKP will only complete its duty in August and its period will be extended until the end of this year. "At the end of its duty, then we will deliver the results," he said.

Patra M. Zen from the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) asked KKP to make a recommendation that takes sides on the victims. It is not adequate for the commission only to reveal the truth. In addition victims must obtain their rights, the commission must be able to reveal the involvement of Indonesian Military (TNI) leaders, Unamet, or other parties which are suspected to be responsible for the incident in 1999. "Because, the KKP's (investigation) result can be material for a legal measure," he said.

The notes will later be concluded in the commission's recommendation to the President so that it can be a standard for the government to make policies regarding Timor Leste.

Raden Rachmadi

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