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Tuesday, 4 April 2007



National Media Reports

Horta: "Ought to Receive the Result of the Elections courageously"

After attending a swearing-in ceremony for Armindo Maia to be the Ambassador TL to the Philippines at Palacio das Cinzas on Tuesday 03/04, presidential candidate Ramos Horta appealed to all people of Timor Leste, especially militants and sympathizers of the parties, to take the result of the presidential election courageously and with no violence. (DN)

Lu-Olo Believes that He will Win Presidential Election

After campaigning in all districts, presidential candidate Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo campaigned in Oecusse on Monday (2/4) accompanied by Fretilin Secretary General Mari Alkatiri, Deputy of Secretary General Jose Reis, National Political Commission (NPC) and all members of Central Committee Fretilin (CCF).

In his speech, Lu-Olo said that told his militants and sympathizers in Nuno-heno Mota Tono, Cunha Village sub-district Pante Makassar Oecusse District, that he will win the presidential election on 09 April 2007.

Furthermore, Lu-Olo said he felt he would win the presidential election start, from the first campaigns in Ossu, Laclubar, Same, Maliana, Suai, Gleno, Liquica and Pante Makassar. In those places he believes that he has the support of people to become president of RDTL. (DN)

Horta: "some are hiding behind Symbols"

After attending a swearing-in ceremony for Armindo Maya to be an Ambassador TL to the Philippines at Palacio das Cinzas on Tuesday 03/04, the presidential candidate 2007-2012 period Jose Ramos Horta reportedly said that some are hiding behind symbols.

"Does Fretilin hide behind the symbols, does Lu-Olo hide behind the symbols or do I myself hide behind the symbols. They reviewed a new law which said that the presidential candidates have to add symbols freely, so I want the national symbol not party's" Horta said. (DN)

Lucia in Dili: "Youths have to confirm Unity"

The presidential candidate Lucia Lobato called for youths to confirm unity and stop the violence. Lucia spoke to militants and sympathizers in her last campaign rally on Tuesday 03/04, in Kampu Demokrasia Dili.

She revealed that if she is elected, she will be a figure who can return love, peace and national unity which was destroyed during the crisis. (DN)

Horta will work hard with Church

Whilst campaigning in Baucau on Tuesday 03/04 the presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta, told his militants and sympathizers that if he is elected he will collaborate with the Catholic Church for the reason that the Catholic Church works hard for people to develop this country. He added that State and Church are not separated, both institutions are very important. (DN)

Lasama: "I will abolish Lorosae and Loromonu"

The presidential candidate Fernando de Araujo Lasama told journalists whilst campaigning in Oecusse on Monday 02/04, that if he is elected he will forge good relations with others sovereignty organs to build and develop Timor Leste.

He also said that if he is elected, he will form a law to regulate the people who use words Lorosae and Loromonu to divide people. (DN)

Lu-Olo gets 70.000 participants

There are 70.000 people who participated during the campaign of presidential election Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo. It is many compared with others presidential candidates.

A press communique received by DN from the Central Committee of Fretilin (CCF) on Tuesday 03/04, said that there were 10.000 participants who participated in Lu-Olo's first campaign in Ossu, 2.000 in Laclubar, 6.000 in Gleno, 3.000 in Liquica, 7.000 in Maliana, 7.000 in Ainaro, 12.000 in Suai, 7.000 in Zumalai, 6.000 in Aileu and 8.000 in Same and it has not counted Dili and Oecusse yet. (DN)

CNE Receives data on the Group that attacked Presidential Candidate Lasama

The spokesperson of CNE, Father Martinho Gusmão declared to journalists in a press conference on Tuesday 03/04 at CNE office Kintal Boot Dili, that currently CNE has received data about the group who attacked presidential candidate Fernando Lasama in Viqueque in the last few days.

The data is received from international observers and it is broadcast by TV and News Papers which show that people from the government and national parliament attacked the rally of presidential candidate Lasama. (DN)

Afonso de Jesus: PNTL and UNPol will guarantee the Security

The Commander of PNTL Afonso de Jesus reportedly told DN on Tuesday 03/04 at PNTL HQ Caicoli Dili that PNTL and UNPol will work hard to guarantee security to all people during the presidential and legislative elections.

"Currently PNTL and UNPol are working hard to guarantee and support major security for the general elections, given people's preoccupation on security issues," Afonso said. (DN)

Mal Rerden: I don't Forgive Fretilin

After meeting with President Republic Xanana Gusmão on Monday (2/4) at Palacio das Cinzas Caicoli Dili, Commander of ISF Brigadier General Mal Rerden told Journalists that he will not forgive Fretilin's leaders, especially Secretary General Mari Alkatiri in relation to the incident in Ermera-Gleno last Saturday. (TP)

Electoral Security needs to involve F-FDTL and PNTL

The spokesperson of CNE Father Martinho Gusmão asked that F-FDTL and PNTL be involved during the campaign until the Election Day. He observed that ISF has no will and just observes the violence which occurs among Timorese, and he does not wish to compare, but it is clear that F-FDTL and PNTL would ensure the security of the electoral process. The Father spoke to journalists on Monday 02/04 at CNE office Kintal Boot Dili. (TP)

CNE has sent Non-Sensitive materials to Districts

The spokesperson of CNE, Father Martinho Gusmão, on Tuesday 03/04 at CNE's office Kintal Boot Dili informed Journalists that CNE has sent non sensitive materials to the polling center offices in 13 districts. He added that the material consisted of foods and inks to support the tasks in each polling center. (TP)

A member of UNPol Died

A member of United Nation Police (UNPol) died on Sunday 01/04 from a heart attack whilst on duty alongside PNTL of Bobonaro district.

UNPol reports from a few days ago mentioned that at about 8:30pm in Maliana a member of UNPol died of a heart attack after accompanying the commander of Bobonaro district to a mudslide. However the report did not mentioned the identity of the officer. (TP)

CNE Calls for Candidates to educate

The CNE has called for all candidates to educate his/her militants and sympathizers to understand the atmosphere of a presidential election, the spokesperson of CNE Father Martinho Gusmão told Journalists on Tuesday 03/04 in a press conference at CNE office Kintal Boot Dili.

The Father said that in the presidential campaign, some of Fretilin's militants wanted to support Lu-Olo and others supported Horta and other opposition parties also supported Lu-Olo and Horta. He added that in this presidential election all Timorese have the right to vote and should count on their own mind. (STL)

Ministries Support Lu-Olo's Campaign

According to sources close to government, each ministry had to aid Lu-Olo's campaign with funds of up to US$50.000. In answer to this issue, the member of Central Committee of Fretilin (CCF) Constancia de Jesus said that CCF did not collect money or get financial support from each ministry to activate Lu-Olo's campaign.

Fretilin has its own money and each supporter who works for Fretilin put US$0.50-US$5.00 to the kitty every month, she explained to STL on Tuesday 03/04 in National Parliament. (STL)

Horta: Fretilin uses Nakroma for Propaganda Purposes

After receiving various statements from Fretilin's members, presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta answered that now it is Fretilin's time to hear from him. Initially when Nakroma Boat arrived in Timor Leste, Fretilin used it for political propaganda in enclave Oecusse. Horta expressed his disappointment at the action. (STL)

PDHJ and PNTL Investigating Makadique Case

In relation to the assault on supporters of presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta which resulted in 12 injured in Viqueque-Makadique, Provedoria Direitos Humanus Justica (PDHJ) is coordinating with the Commander of PNTL Afonso de Jesus to investigate this incident, the Deputy of PDHJ Silveiro Baptista told STL on Tuesday at PDHJ's office Caicoli Dili.

He explained that PDHJ was immediately sending its people to monitor this incident. (STL)

Railos: Fretilin Manipulates Information

The Ex Commander of the Secret armed Group of Fretilin, Vicente da Conceicao alias Railos, claimed that "Fretilin Maputo" manipulate public information saying that people damaged their campaign equipment.

The president of Fretilin Lu-Olo and Secretary General of Fretilin Mari Alkatiri said that Railos and his group damaged or destroyed their campaign equipment when campaigning in Liquica in last few days. In answer to this, Railos said that Fretilin manipulate public information. He added that he built a tent for presidential candidates Lasama's and Horta's campaign not for Lu-Olo so he has the right to destroy it. (STL)

Horta deserves to be the President

Vicente da Conceicao alias Railos from Liquica and Ernesto Fernandes alias Dudu from Ermera reportedly said that to presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta most deserves to be the president of the republic and that they support him.

From the 8 presidential candidates he prefers Horta. Horta is the world diplomat and the Nobel Laureate, the Ex Commander of Secret armed Group of Fretilin, Vicente da Conceicao alias Railos, told STL when attending a national conference of CNRT on last Wednesday in Xanana Reading Room, Lecidere, Dili. The Ex Commander of Falintil Dudu agrees. (STL)

Campaigns of Presidential Candidates Deceive Constitutional

The member of National Parliament Pedro da Costa claimed the presidential campaigns have deviated away from the constitutional mandate of the President; and have been discussing executive programs too much.

"I observe that the programs of some presidential candidates deviate from the mandate of the constitutional powers given to the president". Costa told STL in National Parliament on Tuesday 03/04.

Costa stated that in the mandate of the constitution, the President guarantees social and democratic institutions, the democratic functioning of the state, symbolizes National Unity, makes good relations with all neighbors and has two councils of state to declare emergency measures and laws. (STL)

TVTL News ­ 02 April 2007

TVTL News ­ 03 April 2007

Lucia Lobato's 7th and last campaign was held in Dili on Tuesday with participants from the districts and sub-districts. Addressing the crowd she stressed that it is time for the new generation to be in charge of the nation. PSD President Mario Carrascalão stated also during the rally that it is time to elect a president that knows the problem, has been involved in the 24 years struggle and embraces everybody.

With the maximum support of the Oecusse population, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo held his 11th campaign in the enclave promising to honour the people of Oecusse and those killed during the struggle. He also reiterated his desire to defend the sovereignty of the enclave and will not create conflict with other sovereign organs.

On his 10th campaign, Francisco Xavier do Amaral was accompanied by supporters from Tibar to Liquica, the venue of the campaign where he stated that he created the Fretilin party, a Fretilin with leaders different from the present one. He pledges that if he is elected president he will take care of the orphans, the veterans and the widows. He continues his campaign in Dili

Fernando de Araujo - Lasama's pledge to strengthening ties with other nations. He said the present government is not the same as the previous one. If elected president he will establish legislation not to use the term Lorosae and Loromonu as a political aim to divide the people. Maximum participation from the sympathizers.

Joao Carrascalao has been hospitalized in the National Hospital in Dili for two days with infection on one foot. He seeks medical treatment following his campaign in Maliana. He has been discharged from hospital and said he will participate in the campaign closing ceremony. He said if elected president he would focus on the area of health. He said the national hospital doesn't look like a hospital because it is full of IDPs.

The last campaign for Lu-Olo would be in Dili on Wednesday accompanyied by the band V-AlmaX and with expected participation from three districts and sub-districts. Speaking during a press conference, Arsenio Bano appealed for tolerance and avoidance of violence in order to celebrate the voting process.

Materials Sent To Districts

CNE spokesperson, Fr. Martinho Gusmao said during a press conference Tuesday that electoral materials have already been sent to the districts. He said the material will be divided into sensitive and non-sensitive materials which would be distributed between 1st and 8th of April.

Credential For TL Ambassador

Armindo Maia, former Minister of Education has been presented the credentials as the new Timor-Leste Ambassador to the Philippines. Before taking his post, he will participate in one-week diplomacy training course in Malaysia.

The Ambassador of Denmark has also presented his credential to President Xanana Gusmao as Ambassador for Timor-Leste

International Media Reports


Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]


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