Subject: JP: Wiranto to talk at truth & friendship commission

Wiranto to talk at truth commission

from THE JAKARTA POST -- THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2007 -- PAGE 9 JAKARTA: Former Indonesian Military chief Gen. (ret) Wiranto said Wednesday he was ready to attend a hearing at the joint Indonesia-Timor Leste Commission for Truth and Friendship (CTF) to explain the facts behind the deadly violence that occurred before, during and after the Aug. 30, 1999 independence referendum in the former Indonesian province

"I even asked to be invited to be questioned by the commission," Wiranto told the news portal

"All this time, there has been manipulation of the information about what (Indonesian officers) did during the referendum. This will be a good opportunity for me to tell what really happened there," he said

Wiranto dismissed allegations that the military (TNI) was involved in the East Timor violence

"It was impossible for the TNI to conduct those violations by design," said Wiranto, who admitted some troops may have been involved in misconduct during the new nation's transition period, without the direction of the military leadership

Wiranto is scheduled to be summoned by the CTF for the third phase of hearings next month

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