Subject: UNMIT's Daily Media Review - 7 and 9 April 2007

Monday, 7 and 9 April 2007



National Media Reports

5 messages for Timor-Leste from 5 countries

The New Zealand Ambassador in Timor-Leste, Ruth Nuttall said to journalists in a press conference on Thursday (05/04) at the USA Embassy that the United States of America (USA), Portugal, New Zealand, Japan and the Special Representative of European Union call for people of Timor Leste to come to the polling center on 09 April 2007 to vote for the new president. (STL)

Bishop Ricardo: Never vote for the criminals

The Bishops of Dili and Baucau Diocese, Mgr. Alberto Ricardo and Mgr. Basilio do Nascimento appeal to East Timorese not to vote for the criminals.

"Vote for those who are good, loving people, who forfeit their lives for people away from violence and crime, bringing Timor-Leste to good," said the Bishops in Palacio das Cinzas on Friday (6/4) in their appeal to East Timorese on the presidential election on April 9.

Fretilin "Maputo" threats CNE

Fr. Martinho Gusmão, the CNE spokesperson, told journalists through a press conference at CNE office on Thursday (5/4) in Kintal Boot Dili that Fretilin supporters did not destroy or damage materials. However, CNE considers their appearance as a crime. (STL)

Security Council Appeals to Political parties to avoid violence

To pledge that presidential election in Timor-Leste is free, fair and in a pacific manner, the Security Council appealed to political parties in Timor-Leste to avoid violence.

"The Security Council appeals to all political parties in Timor-Leste to secure themselves to the principles of using no violence along with the democratic and legal process to secure the upcoming presidential election ….," said the SRSG in a UNMIT press confference held in Obrigado Barracks Caicoli, Dili on Friday (6/4).

Fretilin "Maputo" intimidates Father Henrique

The supporters of Fretilin "Maputo" intimidated Fr. Henrique ini Ermera, when they returned from the last day of a political rally in Dili on Wednesday (4/4).

Fr. Henrique attempted to disperse the incident between Fretilin supporters and youths of Ermera Church, but was instead targeted. The militants hit him causing him to be hospitalized to treat the injuries. (STL)

Horta: Alkatiri considered Petitioners" problems a joke

Ramos Horta said on the Easter Eve that Mari Alkatiri was taking no initiative to solve the petitioners" problem.

"…I told Alkatiri to foorm a committee to solve the problem. In March, Anna Pessoa contacted me and said she presented this issue to Mari Alkatiri but he just laughed and said he considered petitioners" problem as a joke," said Horta at a debate of presidential candidate in Delta Nova, Dili last Thursday (5/4). (STL)

Lasama concerned about UNPOL

The conflict between Fretilin and Partido Democratica (PD) supporters and sympathizers at the end of presidential campaign on last Wednesday (04/04) in Dili invited Lasama"s concern who said that UNPol did not anticipate the problem and let the conflict took place.

"I am very disappointed that UNPol does not anticipate and organize the campaign properly," said Lasama at the presidential debate in Delta Nova last Thursday (5/4). (STL)

FSI broaden its operation across the districts

The Commander of ISF, Brig. Gen. Mal Rerden told Journalists on Friday (6/4) at Phoenix Camp Caicoli Dili, that ISF and New Zealand Forces will broaden their operation across the districts to provide security for the success of the presidential election. (STL)

Xanana: people of Timor-Leste disappoint

The President of the Republic Xanana Gusmão reportedly said that all East Timorese are disappointed with economic development in the late five years.

People have become bored waiting for the good things said Xanana on Wednesday (04/04) in Dili.

He said that a million dollars from Timor oil which might be useful to develop and improve education and health in Timor-Leste is instead saved in the US bank.

"The money is saved in one of the banks in New York, while East Timorese suffer," Xanana added. (STL)

Ballot papers and Boxes are deployed to Polling Centers across Dili district

The ballot papers and boxes of presidential election all at once have been deployed yesterday morning to 50 polling centers in Dili districts.

Such materials are officially handed by a team responsible for the general election in Dili district to the team of polling centers in front of President of Republic Xanana who will accompanied by DSRSG UNMIT, Finn Rieske Nielsen in the office of district Dili. It will be deployed by STAE along with observers of various nations. (STL)

2.000 Observers of Presidential Election

The press release of UNMIT informed that the presidential election in Timor Leste today is observed by 2,000 national and international observers. Fifty national organizations prepare 1.900, including the observers from Dili and Baucau diocese who have joined with KOMEG.

The National observers will observe the polling across 13 districts, 65 sub-districts and 504 polling centers. (STL)

Lu-Olo: Xanana and Horta Using TVTL to promote their presidential campaigns

The presidential candidates of Fretilin, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo reportedly said that Ramos Horta and Xanana abused and manipulate TVTL (stated owned company) to promote their presidential campaigns.

Lu-Olo said that as a presidential candidate, Jose Ramos Horta has no right to put out any message before Election Day. He said it shows that Xanana and the Catholic Church assisted Horta"s campaign. (STL)

International Media Reports

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]


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