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Friday, 20 April 2007



National Media Reports

Alfredo criticized Lian Maubere's pamphlet

Pamphlets with Fretilin's symbols spread widely throughout the country.

Alfredo promised to bring those spreading the pamphlets to court.

"I am disappointed with the suspect," he said.

Alfredo confirmed that he knows the suspect but it is not the time to tell the truth.

"It is a political game of certain people," Alfredo added. (STL)

Horta or Lu-Olo for president, the people will decide

Fretilin's presidential candidate, Francisco Guterres 'Lu-Olo', speaking to the journalist at a press conference yesterday, said that people will decide who will be the president of the republic in the second round of the elections.

Optimistically, Lu-Olo hopes to win the election. Should he lose, he plans to accept it with dignity.

Lu-Olo was the only candidate who competed with other 7 candidates, considered as opposition.

He expressed that there was much pressure on him, even through the media, but he still won over other candidates in the first round election held in April 9. (STL)

Julião Mausiri: Xanana and Horta seeking Alfredo's Votes

In response to President Gusmão and Prime Minister Horta's call to halt the operation on Alfredo, the member of the National Parliament from Democratic Party (PD), Julião Agosto Mausiri, said that this was done in order to obtain Alfredo's votes for the run-off presidential election.

According to Mausiri, Horta knows that Alfredo is supported by many people in the western side of the country and could influence them to vote for Horta.

"Xanana and Horta know that if they do not use Alfredo's situation, they will not get enough votes in the run-off presidential election," explained Mausiri on Thursday (19/4) at the National Parliament. (DN and TP)

Joaquim dos Santos: "Watch out for the capitalist"

In response to the some declarations by youth moneylenders and political consumers, the member of national parliament and National Political Commission (NPC) of Fretilin, Joaquim dos Santos, said that the Timorese people have to watch out for capitalists who recently rose in Timor-Leste to occupy the country in the future.

"The self-interested never accept the realities. They bear capitalist principles, not socialist. We have to be careful of the capitalists in the country", said Joaquin dos Santos on Thursday (19/4) in the national parliament. (DN)

Antonio Ximenes: "I don't agree with Horta's Declaration"

The president of the Democratic Christen Party (PDC), Antonio Ximenes, speaking to journalists on Thursday (19/4) at the National Parliament, said that he does not accept Horta's declaration that Fretilin has been implementing a communist system. (DN)

Lu-Olo: "Fretilin resists and refuses to go along with communists"

Through a press conference on Thursday (19/4) at the National Parliament in Dili, the presidential candidate Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo reportedly said that Fretilin has resisted communism since 1975.

Lu-Olo said that Horta's comments indicating that Fretilin supported a communist system were only made to influence people to vote for Horta.

"We are not supporting communism and we are not communist," said Lu-Olo.

On the other hand, Julio Pinto, a military and political observer said that by blaming each other, the presidential candidates are showing their weaknesses to their supporters and people of this country. (DN and STL)

The Lawyer of PD, PSD and ASDT Presents Proposal to the Court of Appeals Refusing the final results of the presidential election, three presidential candidates, Fernando Lasama (PD), Lucia Lobato (PSD) and Francisco Xavier (ASDT) on Thursday (19/4) sent their lawyer, Vital dos Santos, to submit a complaint letter to the CNE via the Court of Appeals.

Vital dos Santos said that the candidates do not agree with the results of the presidential election because of manipulation. (DN, TP and STL)

Weak election socialization, voters giving wrong votes

Observers from the Committee of General Elections Monitoring at the Faculty of Social Politics of Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosae (UNTL) said that insufficient civic education caused voters to cast their votes for candidates who they did not want to vote for. (STL)

PSD and PD questioned CNRT's instant victory in the parliamentary election

The member of the national parliament and vice president of Social Democratic Party (PD) João Mendes Goncalves and Jose Nominando from the Democratic Party (PD) reportedly questioned CNRT's victory in the parliamentary election.

"CNRT will become the great party in the country, however I still question its ability to win the elections," informed João on Thursday (19/4) at the national parliament. (TP)

The clash of gang violence continues, 9 injured

Gang violence continues in Dili, after it had settled for a couple of weeks during the campaign and presidential Election Day.

Yesterday (19/4), the disturbances between PSHT and 7-7 erupted in Hudi Laran and Quintal Boot. The incident resulted in 9 injured, 4 in Hudi Laran and 5 in Quintal Boot.

The ninth victims got stoned and others were shot. The victims were immediately hospitalized in HNGV Dili for intensive treatment.

UNPol and PNTL dispersed the clash successfully. No one was arrested. (DN and STL)

International Media Reports

Policing in Timor-Leste Election Praised

Friday, 20 April 2007, 1:23 pm

Press Release: United Nations

New York, Apr 19 2007 7:00PM

The senior United Nations law and order official in Timor-Leste today travelled outside the capital to meet with police as part of efforts to consolidate stability in the wake of elections and ahead of the next round of polls.

"Smooth elections do not come naturally or accidentally but because of your hard work," said Eric Tank, the Secretary-General's Deputy Special Representative for Security Sector Support and Rule of Law, addressing representatives from the UN Police and their Timorese counterparts in Liquica district.

"We depend on your continued assistance to ensure that the upcoming elections remain free of violence," Mr. Tan said.

Earlier this month, Timor-Leste held its first elections since gaining independence from Indonesia in 2002, and a run-off between the two leading presidential candidates is scheduled for 9 May.

Mr. Tan urged officers to be on the alert for incidents of intimidation ahead of the polls. "Voting is the right of every individual," he said, adding, "Intimidation is an offence that could lead to arrest." Above all, he said the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) must ensure that no such incidents occur within their ranks.

In addition to the 9 May presidential run-off, parliamentary elections are scheduled for later this year.


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