Subject: RA: Indonesia, Singapore to resume military training

ABC Radio Australia

Indonesia, Singapore to resume military training

Last Updated 25/04/2007, 19:35:48

Singapore Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean says the city state will resume military training exercises with Indonesia.

The agreement to resume training comes after Singaproe and Indonesia reached agreement on a joint extradition treaty, ending months of wrangling, earlier this week.

The military training and extradition agreements are both due to be signed in Bali on Friday.

Indonesia has said the extradition treaty will help bring officials and business people Jakarta says have taken refuge in Singapore back home to face corruption charges.

Singapore has denied Indonesian allegations that it is used by Indonesian criminals to launder money, and insists it has proper safeguards to prevent such activity in place.

The new treaties mark a warming in relations between the two countries, which have soured in recent months after Indonesia banned sand exports to Singapore, in a move corresondents say was intended to pressure Singapore into signing the extradition deal.

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