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Wednesday 25 April 2007



National Media Reports

Alfredo demands Ramos Horta to contact him legally

Alfredo Reinaldo said that he is ready to meet Ramos Horta.

"If he wants to contact me, it should be done legally through my lawyers,"said Alfredo.

On the other hand, The President of General Prosecutor (GP), Longuinhos Monteiro, said that the GP would not mediate a dialogue but rather would take the case through the proper legal process. (TP)

Lu-Olo: Horta should respect the existing constitution

Fretilin's presidential candidate, LU-Olo, said that the judicial body is an independent body and no one should interfere with it.

This comment followed Ramos Horta's decision to reopen the case on weapons distribution if he is elected as president. Lu-Olo said that Horta should respect the existing constitution. (TP)

Door-to-door campaigning may cause manipulation

The Director of the East Timor Institute for Security Studies, Julio Thomas Pinto, said that it would be good for both candidates, Lu-Olo and Ramos Horta to conduct door-to-door campaigns, but should ensure dialogue.

Julio said that they should avoid a monologue but ensure that the supporters are able to share their ideas.

However, he said that if door-to-door campaigning is not controlled, the candidates may take advantage of this opportunity. (TP)

Democratic Party's allegations are false

Antero Bosco, Vice Commander of Border Police Unit, denied the Democratic Party's allegations of arms' threat in Suku Saburai, in Bobonaro district. He said that he never threatened anybody and never even campaigned in Suku Saburai as his duties were in Maliana. (STL)

The Maputo Anger Dog Starts to Terrorize

Former Fretilin Commander, Vicente da Conceicao or Railos, stated that the Maputo Anger Dog led by Lebo are planning to terrorize people in Liquica district, particularly in the remote areas. (STL)

No report on intimidation by government officers

The Chief of the Councils of Minister, Antoninho Bianco, declared that he has not received any reports regarding government officials terrorizing and intimidating people during the elections campaign and run-off presidential elections. (STL)

Prime Minister Ramos Horta should have the courage to fire the undisciplined Minister

A National Parliament Member, Rui Menezes, said that it does not matter if the Prime Minister's decision to fire the Minister came late as long as he is able to fire all the undisciplined ministers. (STL)

Horta's Door-to-Door Campaign in Lautem

Considering the failure in first round of presidential elections in Lautem district, Ramos Horta's team is planning to conduct door-to-door campaigning in the area ahead of the run-off elections. (STL)

10 people arrested for spreading ethnic tensions in Uatolari

Fretilin's Party Deputy Coordinator in Viqueque, Manuel Gaspar, along with 9 others were arrested for creating ethnic tensions between the Makasae clan and Nauweti. Joao Ximenes Amaral escaped.

Stop making promises involving the justice system

Prosecutor General of the Republic, Longuinhos Monteiro, asked the presidential candidates to stop making promises regarding cases that fall under the justice realm. (STL, DN and TP)

International Media Reports

Timor Diggers to commemorate Anzac Day

Tuesday Apr 24 21:19 AEST

Diggers serving in East Timor will stop on Wednesday morning for Anzac Day dawn services across the tiny country.

In every town where Australian soldiers are serving there will be dawn services, provided security conditions allow the diggers to stand down for a few moments of reflection.

Major Dave Bruhwiller, based in Dili, said a game of two-up was also planned for the capital.

A company of New Zealand soldiers also serving in East Timor would add increased importance to the day, Major Bruhwiller said.

"It actually does make the day a bit more emotional," he said.

East Timor enters next phase

Last Updated 23/04/2007, 23:02:08

ABC ­ Radio Australia <

Campaigning for the runoff in East Timor's presidential election has begun on Monday with candidates Jose Ramos-Horta and Francisco Gutteres vowing a peaceful poll.

Neither Prime Minister Ramos-Horta nor Mr Gutteres won an absolute majority in the April 9 election, prompting next month's further poll.

The presidential election is the first since East Timor won independence in 2002.

A spokesman for Nobel Peace Prize winner Ramos-Horta says they are conducting a door to door campaign in a peaceful way and will not force people to choose.

Mr Gutteres, a candidate for the ruling Fretilin party, spoke briefly to supporters in Dili before starting his door knock.


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