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Thursday, 26 April 2007



National Media Reports

Horta has no principles, KOTA supports Lu-Olo

Klibur Oan Timor Asswa'in party (KOTA) decided to support the Fretilin candidate Lu-Olo, because "Jose Ramos Horta has no principles."

The president of KOTA, Manuel Tilman, on Wednesday (25/4) at the national parliament declared that even though KOTA supports Lu-Olo, he will not force his supporters to vote for Lu-Olo. (DN)

Rerden: "ISF has not halted the operation on Alfredo"

In response to Horta and President Gusmão's declaration to halt the operations to capture fugitive Reinado, the Commander of the ISF, Brigadier General Mal Rerden, said that the ISF will not halt the operation until it receives a clarification letter from the government.

"ISF has not received any formal letter from the government requesting to halt the operation. Once ISF receives the letter, it will discuss the issue with the government," said Rerden on Wednesday (25/4) at the ISF office in Caicoli Dili.

In addition, Rerden said that the operation to capture Alfredo could be easily stopped, however a public declaration to so should first come from the government. (DN)

General Prosecutor does not want to mediate Alfredo's case

The Prosecutor General (GP), Longuinhos Monteiro, said that the GP would not mediate a dialogue but rather would take the case through a proper legal process.

"I don't want the youth or the public in general to say that the GP intervened in some way. The GP will take the case through the proper legal process," said Longuinhos on Wednesday (25/4) at his office in Caicoli Dili. (DN)

Horta promises to be a president of peace

Presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta's second round of campaigning began on Wednesday (25/4) in Manufahi, Dotik Village sub-district Alas.

Horta took this opportunity to affirm that if he is elected to be president, he will be a president for peace. He said his priority is to maintain peace and work on poverty reduction. (TP)

Seven members of government against Ramos Horta

Presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta, who left his post as Prime Minister to run his campaign for the second round of elections, is now being challenged by other government officials.

At a press conference on 25/4 at the MTRC office in Caicoli Dili, the Minister of Labor and Solidarity, Arsenio Paixão Bano, accompanied by the Vice Minister, and the Ministers of Transportation and Telecommunication, Education, State, Finance, and the Vice Ministers of Education and Public Works, the Secretary of the State, and the Minister of the Presidential Council, said that Horta has no right to intervene in the government's duties until the second round of elections are complete. (TP)

Estanislau asks for an investigation on the case of rice distribution

At a press conference on Wednesday (25/4) at the Office of Ministry of Agriculture Dili, the Minister of Agriculture and Vice Prime Minister, Estanislau Aleixo da Silva, said that if Prime Minister Horta insists on an investigation, then the Minister of Labor and Solidarity and Community Reinsertion, Arsenio Paixão Bano, should be investigated.

He explained that the rice was distributed to the population in Balibo by MTRC as government assistance to the people.

"If the Prime Minister does not agree with it, then the case will be investigated. Arsenio is being courageous," said Estanislau. (TP)

CNE held meeting with political parties

After attending a meeting with CNE Commissioners on Wednesday (25/4) at the CNE office in Kintal Boot Dili, the Secretary-General of the Democratic Party (PD), Osorio Mau Lequi, said that the CNE held a meeting with the political parties that have registered with the court of appeals and these parties will compete in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

He said the meeting focused on ways that the political parties could present their parliamentary candidates and on security matters. (STL)

Government ignoring CII recommendation

The Chief of Human Rights Assosiasaun Hak, Aniceto Neves, reportedly told journalists on Wednesday (25/4) at his office in Farol Dili, that the government is ignoring the recommendations made by the Commission of International Investigation (CII), which was formed by the United Nations to investigate and analyze the atmosphere of Timor-Leste during the crisis.

He said that ignoring the recommendations is a way for the government to protect those involved in the crisis and who have not yet been arrested.

He said that the government has no intention of bringing these actors to court as recommended by CII. (STL)

Population in Hudi Laran flee from their homes to Hosana Church

In the past two days, at least 13 families from Hudi Laran moved to IDP camps due to confrontations between martial arts groups, 7-7 and PSHT in Bairo Pite.

On Tuesday night, some evacuated to Seminário Fatumeta IDP camp and others to Hotel Hong Kong then on Wednesday morning they moved to Cathedral Villa Verde.

Members of PSHT used homemade weapons, looted and damaged property and fired a man, who was immediately brought to a hospital in Dili by UNPol. (STL)

International Media Reports


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