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[These are apparently from UNMIT Daily Media Review. ]

Rabu, 2007 Agustus 15

<>Aniceto Guterres: “Fretilin believes in non-violence”

The Chief member of national parliament from the Fretilin party, Aniceto Guterres Lopes said that Fretilin has never encouraged its followers to act violently, as the party functioned under the principles of non-violence to liberate the people.

He said that Fretilin recognizes the current situation in the country, but explained that it never called for violence.

“Other NP members from Fretilin have gone to the rural areas to explain why Fretilin could not form the new government,” said Mr. Aniceto on Monday (13/8) at the national parliament. (DN)

<>UNPol, PNTL and ISF arrested 34 suspects over last week’s violence

The UNMIT Spokesperson, Ms. Allison Cooper on Monday (13/8) said that the United Nations Police (UNPol) and the National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) have arrested 34 people in relation to the attack in Baucau and Viqueque districts on Friday.

Ms. Cooper added that the security situation last week was tense, however so far it has been calm. She said that ISF, UNPol, PNTL and F-FDTL have increased their forces to conduct a joint-operation in Baucau and Viqueque. (DN)

<>Government provides humanitarian assistance to affected population

The Coordinator for Emergency Affairs, Mr. José Asa informed that the council of ministries held a meeting last Saturday (11/8) and decided to provide humanitarian emergency assistance to the affected population in Baucau and Viqueque districts following the recent incidents and conflicts.

Speaking to journalists on Monday (13/8), Mr. Asa said that on Sunday (12/8) they distributed food and other supplies via two helicopters -- one to Uato-Carbau and one to Viqueque village. (DN)

<>President concerned over the Fretilin’s allegations

In a press statement issued by the Presidential office on Monday (13/8), President José Ramos-Horta denied Fretilin’s allegations that officers involved in anti-government demonstrations would be discharged.

A press release issued by Fretilin’s on 12/8/07 [attributed to Mr. Arsenio Bano and the members of National Political Commission of Fretilin] stated that the “President has sacked officers that took part in the demonstrations against the government. He has no right to control what the officers choose to do when they are off-duty.”

President José Ramos-Horta said that he has no intentions to threaten or discharge the officers. (TP and DN)

<>Fretilin objects to F-FDTL presence in Eastern region

The NP representative from Fretilin, Mr. Osorio Florindo reportedly said that the state’s decision to deploy F-FDTL to the eastern region is an unfair decision, in favour of the Alliance-led government.

“Fretilin does not accept F-FDTL’s presence as it is considered a political maneuver from an unconstitutional government,” said Mr. Florindo on Monday (13/8).

He called on the F-FDTL not to be involved with the Alliance as it would only harm their reputation. (TP)

<>Fretilin to be involved in investigation process

The leaders of Fretilin have called on the police, especially UNPol, to include them [Fretilin] in the investigations surrounding the violence that broke out in the eastern part of the country.

Speaking to journalists after meeting with President José Ramos-Horta on Monday (13/8) in Dili, Fretilin’s Secretary-General Mari Alkatiri said that Fretilin questioned the involvement of their supporters in the incidents. He said that other people could have used Fretilin’s name to harm its reputation.

“We have asked the police to include Fretilin in the investigations in order to get some clarity. Fretilin supporters are disciplined; if their leaders say not to do it, they would not do it,” said Mr. Alkatiri. (TP and DN)

<>PR asks Fretilin to bring problems to the court

President José Ramos-Horta on Monday (13/8) asked Fretilin leaders to bring their objections to his decision [to appoint the Alliance to form the new government] before the court. (TP)

<>Tilman: President responsible for the incidents in Baucau and Viqueque

Speaking to journalists on Monday (13/8) at the national parliament, the President of the Democratic Alliance (AD-KOTA/PPT), Manuel Tilman said the violence that broke out in the Eastern part of the country was politically motivated. The incidents in Baucau and Viqueque Districts over last week were politically motivated and caused by President José Ramos-Horta’s decision on the new government formation. (TP)

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