Subject: ABC: ETimor parliament considering CAVR report

ABC Radio Australia

ETimor parliament considering UN (sic) human rights report

Last Updated 09/11/2007, 21:42:41

A special parliamentary Commission in East Timor has been established to review the 2005 United Nations report into more than two decades of violence up to 1999.

East Timor's previous government had rejected the Report of the Commission of Reception, Truth and Reconciliation which documented human rights abuses under Indonesian rule.

It recommended prosecutions for war crimes.

The UN's Special Reprentative in East Timor, Atul Khare, told Radio Australia the parliamentary commission follows recommendations he made in a new report on human rights in East Timor, released this week.

"The UN has a clear view on (the) Truth and Amnesty Bill which was adopted here by the earlier parliament," Atul Khare told Karon Snowdon.

"That is, serious crimes, crimes against humanity, blood crimes, murder, major assaults, rape.

"These are not the types of crimes that can ever benefit from an amnesty."

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