Subject: Indonesian, US militaries to hold tsunami response drill 21-25 July

BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific May 29, 2008

Indonesian, US militaries to hold tsunami response drill 21-25 July

Source: The Jakarta Post website, Jakarta, in English 28 May 08

Excerpt from report in English by influential Indonesian newspaper The Jakarta Post English-language website on 28 May

[Attributed to Antara: "US Army, TNI, West Sumatra to hold tsunami response drill"]

The West Sumatra provincial administration will hold a tsunami response drill in cooperation with the US Army and the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), West Sumatra People Protection Office division head Ade Edwar said on Wednesday [28 May 08].

"The drill will be held in the provincial capital of Padang from 21-25 July with 95 participants," said Edwar.

"The joint drill is facilitated by the US Army Pacific."

Edwar said the drill would focus on a command system to respond to disaster, while participants would share their experiences and knowledge.

Indonesia will be represented by 75 participants, while the US Army will send 15 soldiers. Five local journalists will also attend the drill.

"West Sumatra was chosen as the province because the risk of disaster is considered to be high and the residents have a high awareness of disaster-related issues," Edwar said. [passage omitted]

"We are expecting management reinforcement and development as well as equipment from the United States when a disaster does take place," said Edwar.

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