Subject: UN police transfers authority to TL in Oecusse

UN police gives authority to Timor Leste

2009-06-30 18:40:37

DILI, June 30 (Xinhua) -- The United Nation Police (UNPol) on Tuesday surrendered its authority to the National Police of Timor Leste (PNTL) to guard stability and security in Oe-cusse district because the body was considered capable to carry out its vision and mission.

"Discipline in carrying task and responsibility is a success that should be fought among people without any discrimination to make better development," said the Police Commissioner of the UN's Security Council Luis Carillo told reporters.

However, Carrillo said it did not mean the UNPol would not intervene if it was needed and it would also monitor PNTL's works.

"It is strictly forbidden to politicize PNTL to guarantee security for all population and to maintain its professionalism. PNTL should also honor human rights and commit to its jobs in line with commando's order. That's the fundamental that should be maintained in the institution," he said.

The Commissioner of PNTL Longinhos Munteiro said the country's police was ready to carry out its jobs as written in the country' s constitution.

"Security stability is very important. PNTL will do as best as it can to build relationship with people to maintain security in Oe-cusse district," he said.

The country's Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao explained that starting Tuesday, the security burden in Oe-cusse was on PNTL's shoulder.

"PNTL should implement its experience from the UNPol in people's daily life," he said.

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