July 2009


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A Letter from
Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

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West Papua Advocacy Team (WPAT) Statement on Sweep Operation in Puncak Jaya

U.S. Military Restrictions and Indonesian Military Plane Crash

HAK Association - Timor-Leste Human Rights Situation 2008: “Out of Civil Disorder Towards the Challenges of Well-being”

WPAT/ETAN Urge Meaningful Pressure on Jakarta for Papuan Rights

Excerpts from Timor-Leste's CAVR Report on the Carrascalao House Massacre (April 17, 1999)

East Timorese Deserve Justice! Statement by ETAN on the Anniversary of the Liquiça Massacre

Comments on the U.S. Department of State Country reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008

Obama's Indonesia question: Will the US president continue unrestricted aid to Indonesia’s military?

NGO Letter to UN Security Council on Justice and Accountability (also Tetum)

Groups Write Secretary of State Clinton on Eve of Her Visit to Indonesia

(also Bahasa Indonesia)

ETAN urges dropping of defamation charges against Timorese editor
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July 17 - August 2

Balibo memorial proposed; Walk would mark deaths

Security Sector Relapse?
UCAN- Church says rebels' trial must provide true justice
East Timor's President urges for review of Western aid policies
Women Learn the Political Ropes
SBS awarded East Timor's highest honour
For ANZ, Timor is going places

Horrific death of Scottish reporter revealed
JRH speech on climate change

Japan ET Coalition- Shadow Report to the CEDAW Committee Regarding Timor-Leste’s Initial Periodic Report

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30 July
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I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.

Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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July 16 - 25

Zacarias da Costa- "East Timor is far from being a failed state"
State secrecy bill, `a step back' for RI
East Timor President- 'chance of mistakes' in contracts
Balibo Families Call on Rudd to Act Now

Timor violent? Try Melbourne- President Ramos-Horta
RI Dismisses 'Balibo Five' Film as ‘Fiction'
Jose Ramos Horta relives Balibo Five through new Australian film

Timor leader urges Australia to push harder on Myanmar
Geocapital prepares to launch first East Timor bank in Dili
Bring remains home, pleads Balibo widow
Timor Thriller 'Balibo' To Stir Up Controversy
JRH- Timor's link to a Saharan struggle
Balibo film recalls Australian failure in East Timor

E Timor Ombudsman- prosecute Justice Minister
CPLP opens mission in Dili
'Britain should bear some responsibility for Timor Leste'
Abandon “Separatism conflict” paradigm for Justice towards the Papua People
The Australian on E. Timor's Trial- Guard's Gun Didn't Kill Rebel
Flag Of My Father - Transcript
East Timor- Justice in the Dock

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24 July
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July 7 - 17

LaPaglia's private screening with Ramos-Horta
Tussle Between Police And Militia Might Have Caused Papua's Death
Shooting of Ramos-Horta- Marcelo Caetano Fingered in Court as...
Jose Ramos Horta Guards 'Fled Rebels'
Indonesia's Police and Military at Open War

West Papua Advocacy Team praises US congressional attention on Papua
Timor Leste- return and reintegration strategy insufficient
Papuan Tribe to File Charges Against Freeport Saying "We Own Those Natural Riches But We Get Nothing Except Violence and Environmental Degradation"
Film Review- Facing Balibo's Ghosts
E. Timor Conspiracy Theories- Is Angelita Pires Guilty Of Assassination Plot?
East Timor advances despite Australian aid failures
Back Off Free Papua Movement (OPM) Issue- MPR Head in U.S. Visit

'Ricegate'- Timor PM encourages corruption dig
Land and displacement in Timor-Leste
East Timor- Justice in the Dock
Grappling with youth unemployment

Trial of President and PM's would-be assassins begins
RI Navy cooperating with USPACOM
RI to Ease Visa Limits for East Timor Students, Give Civil Servants Pensions

Ramos Horta's guard describes attacks

Manuel Carrascalão, saying farewell to a remarkable man

Land Network Press Release- Manatuto District- Population 34,000 gets only 59 minutes to speak on draft Land Law
Only brief thoughts from Baucau on the new Land Law

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17 July
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Timor-Leste Armed Violence Assessment: Electoral violence shadows Timorese politics: new report (17 June 2009); Issue Brief 3: Electoral violence in Timor-Leste: mapping incidents and responses (June 2009)

Documents from including statements from the NGO Forum and Rede Foto (Women's Network)

Papua National Consensus  
Report To The United States On The Papuan Consensus

OilEx - Large Volume Prospects in Timor Sea Confirmed

Groups, gangs, and armed violence in Timor-Leste

Video - Al Jazeera People & Power - East is East

Indonesian Victims ’ Congress: “We Will Never Stop Demanding Justice”

Documents from including statements from the NGO Forum and Rede Foto (Women's Network)

2008 State Dept. Country Report on Human Rights Practices for Indonesia; Timor-Leste
ETAN/WPAT: Comments on the U.S. Department of State Country reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008

East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin - What happens when abortion is illegal (April 5)

Women for Peace Conference March 5-6. 2009 Dili Timor-Leste

Timor Today weekly TV online news service for Timor-Leste

TAPOL protests defamation charges against Timorese journalist

LH: Power Plant and National Electrical Grid Mega-project or mega-problem?

July 6 - 12

New Shooting Breaks Out At The Mining; Investigation Team- Australian Police Involved
Muchdi Remains Untouchable In Munir Case

New Order Influence Unlikely to Fade
Land law will give citizens back their country
Food fight in East Timor
Darwin woman to face East Timor trial

US Vice President, Joseph R. Biden Jr, Writes a Letter to President Dr Jose Ramos-Horta
TNI Base Near East Timor Opposed
Women Take the Plunge
East Timor Leader Says Voters Will Judge Former Indonesian Military Strongman
Allan Nairn- A Normal, Minimal-Choice Election

World Food Program making changes in East Timor
The past is not forgotten and will never be forgotten
Human trafficking ring busted
Disabled Athletes Shine With Pride
China’s ZTE takes third generation mobile phones to East Timor

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10 July
9 July
8 & 7 July
6 July

June 29 - July 4

Money And Might Talk In Indonesian Poll
Washington takes a new look at Jakarta under Obama- Envoy
SRSG Meets US Congressional Delegation
Prime Minister Embroiled in Contract Scandal

Prabowo Apologizes To East Timorese Living In NTT for not meeting
Candidates' Track Records- Who Cares?; Ex-Generals Crowd Indonesian Presidential Race
Business leaders defend East Timor PM over rice contract

UN police transfers authority to TL in Oecusse
TNI firm in setting up units on ET border despite local protests
Rede ba Rai calls for effective public consultation on the draft Land Law
Husi Bei Ala Timor Sira Nia Liman- From the Hands of our Ancestors Art and Craft from Timor Leste
ET President Jose Ramos-Horta defends PM over rice contract
The Human Rights Agenda
E Timor govt rejects corruption claims

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3 July
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