Subject: Timor Leste explores cooperation with Yogyakarta

Timor Leste explores cooperation with Yogyakarta

Antara News, Saturday, June 5, 2010 11:51 WIB

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Timor Leste has explored cooperation in culture and education with Yogyakarta Special Province, the country`s ambassador to Indonesia Manuel Seprano said here.

"We come here to meet the provincial administration leaders in a bid to strengthen our relations in addition to exploring cooperation opportunity in education and culture," Manuel Seprano said after a meeting with Yogyakarta deputy governor Paku Alam IX.

On the occasion, Seprano also entrusted Timor Leste students in Yogyakarta to acquire the best possible education and counseling in the province.

"There are quite a lot of Timor Leste students studying in Yogyakarta, because they have a profound interest to study here but they are as well required to abide by existing rules and regulations here," the Timor Leste envoy said.

Seprano also called on his country`s students in Yogyakarta to build good communication with local people.

"Timor Leste students here are also expected to be a bridge or a mouthpiece, especially for our education and culture," Seprano said.

Meanwhile, Paku Alam IX said Yogyakarta people have a high sense of tolerance and hospitality to the people from other regions or countries.

"All people from other regions and countries who come to Yogyakarta will be well accepted so long as they maintain good manner and attitude," Paku Alam said.


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