Subject: CNRT: recent developments in Baucau
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 07:56:06 -0500
From: Charles Scheiner <>

>From CNRT/Jakarta:


On Friday 26 March, the military fired on civilians in Gariuai (Baucau district). As a result of the shooting in Gariuai , three people were killed.

Those shot dead in the incident are Estefania Freitas, aged 45 of Bahamori village in Gariuai, Ildefonso Faria Pereira, aged 28 of Wailili, Venilale and Nazare Freitas, aged 25 years of Bahamori village, Gariuai. Estefania Freitas is believed to have been shot dead whilst working in the fields, whilst Nazare Freitas was stabbed to death in front of the Koramil headquarters a short time later.

The military unit being held responsible for this incident is red-beret Battalion 406 attached to the district military command under the command of Sergeant Irwan.

In addition, the following individuals have been reported missing in the Baucau district in the past couple of days:

1) Marcal da Silva 2) Angelo da Costa 3) Abreu da Costa 4) Aquilis 5) Mariano

In a closed-door meeting convened earlier this week, the Chief of the Baucau military command (Kasdim) is said to have emphasized the need for pressure to be exerted on CNRT to disband and for Indonesia's autonomy proposal to be "socialized" amongst the population. In addition, members of CNRT and other supporters of independence were identified as ABRI's principal enemy, with military personnel being actively encouraged to direct their efforts at terrorizing and weakening these groups.

Reports received from inside East Timor point to increased campaigns of terror and intimidation across the territory, particularly in the towns of Ainaro, Same, Suai, Bobonaro and Liquiça where all points of entry and exit to and from these locations are under the tight control of civilian militia groups. Civilian militia groups, with the backing of ABRI, are obliging members of the population, particularly the youth, to sign documents pledging their support for autonomy, and in Suai supporters of independence have alleged been obliged by militia groups under the control of Eurico Guterres to take a blood oath in favour of integration.

CNRT in Dili has been informed of military plans to conduct extensive searches of homes in Dili, including the headquarters of CNRT and other civil society organizations, on 30 March. Company C of the Dili-based Battalion 744 will conduct this operation.

Salemba, 27 March 1999

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