Subject: etpost - Fortilos on intimidation and threats from the militias
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 08:53:42 -0400
From: (TAPOL)

Introduction by Fortilos:

The statement made by Xanana Gusmao that 'the people of East Timor have the right to defend themselves' from attacks by militias which are supported by the Indonesian armed forces, has been manipulated by the Indonesian media and circles eager for blood as being a 'declaration of war'. This is now being used by the militias and ABRI to justify their bloodthirsty operations in Timor Lorosae. Every physical or psychological attack and act of terror against innocent civilians is being justified on the basis of this manipulation.

All newspapers and groups which take advantage of this manipulation of Xanana's statement are responsible for East Timorese blood spilt and East Timorese lives lost, including those of infants and pregnant mothers, and those forced to flee their homes because of the terror spread by the militia.

Following a statement issued on 13 April by the Commander of Sector-B of AITARAK, another militia group called The Darah Merah Right-wing Militia Front to Cleanse East Timor, has likewise utilised the manipulation of Xanana's statement with the following statement. (The text of the earlier statement by Aitarak is also translated below.}

>From the Darah Merah Right-Wing Militia Front to CLeanse East Timor:

'Red-and-White Greetings'

To all East Timorese in all districts of the Province of East Timor,

We hereby inform the entire population of East Timor that following the Declaration of War against ABRI and the pro-integration community issued by Xanana Gusmao, President of the CNRT, we have decided to bring forward Operasi Sapu Jagad - Clean-Sweep Operation - from the date originally set.

To everyone we say that all East Timorese who are pro-integration should immediately hang out the red-and-white flag starting on 17 April at 6pm until 15 May 1999.

We will regard anyone who fails to hang out the flag as our enemies.

We call on members of ABRI to continue to guard their posts.

Darah Merah Commander, Lafaek Saburai

Call issued by Commander of Sector-B of AITARAK:

1. Bearing in mind the Statement issued by Xanana Gusmao on 6 April 1999 calling on FALINTIL and pro-independence people to rise up against ABRI and groups which defend integration,

2. In view of the fact that up to the present, the 13 districts, 150 (figure not clear) sub-district capitals and 442 villages in East Timor are under the control of pro-integration people.

3. Recognising that up to today, pro-integration groups still control the Province of East Timor.

I herewith declare that commencing 17 April we call upon:

1. All civilian government employees from Grade I to IV who are anti-integration to resign immediately.

2. Anti-integration government employees who are still prepared to use pro-integration facilities such as government homes and office cars should immediately return them to the pro-integration authorities so that they can be handed over to those who struggle for and defend integration.

3. Ordinary people who are frequently intimidated, terrorised and forcibly robbed of their money should immediately work together with those who struggle for and defend integration so as to completely crush those who disrupt integration.

To all East Timorese people wherever you may be, we the armed fighters and defenders of integration, hereby declare that we are ready to form a fence of legs to protect you from the activities of the anti-integration groups.

Dili, 13 April 1999

Eurico Guterres,

On behalf of the Commander of the Pro-Integration Soldiers of War, Commander of Sector-B

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