Subject: The Timorese Youth Press Release
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 09:47:30 -0400
From: "Bui Berani" <>


The Timorese Youth

Press Release

Facing the fact that, the increasingly act of intimidation, terrors and killings of the Timorese people which perpetrated by paramilitary and armed by ABRI, we, The Timorese Youth have moral obligation to state our position publicly. According to us, ABRI's deceive in engineering Timorese people to kill each other. It is barbarous act; showing the coward attitude of Indonesian government, mainly its military, to maintain its illegal occupation over East Timor. This attitude is contradict with the commitment of Indonesian government to the international community in solving the question of East Timor, peacefully, democratic and honorable, as repeatedly stated by Indonesian foreign Minister Ali Alatas since 27th of January.

During several months of provocation and terrors, the Resistance has reacted with serenity, prudence and non-violence. The FALINTIL had been maintained in defensive position in order to support the reconciliation process as

our political good will to create a conducive atmosphere for a just, peaceful and internationally acceptable solution for East Timor question.

Our political good will and our commitment to peace had been perceived as our weakest point, the situation has been worst, therefore, Xanana as the Commander in Chief of Falintil and the president of CNRT has absolutely right and duty to respond the situation through the statement published on 5th of April 1999.

The statement should be understood within this context and it does not implicate any rupture of our collective will to pursue the dialog to achieve the peace and independence in East Timor.

We, East Timorese Youth totally support Xanana's statement and We regret the slowness of the UN to resolve the East Timor question. It seems that UN is conspired with Indonesia and Portugal to let the Timorese people into conflict and long lasting suffering. The indifference reaction of United Nations to solve the similar political conflicts in other part of the globe such as the case of Kuwait, Irak, Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo, UN has shown itself more as a tool to protect economic interest of western countries rather than an international medium to solve political conflict in the world.

Based on the realities above, especially the massacre in Liquisa, 5 of April of 1999, We, East Timorese Youth condemn:

1. Barbarous act of ABRI in the various killings in East Timor, particularly the massacre which took place in Liquica church on 5th and 6th of April, killed more than 25 civilians and hundreds were injured. 2. The high tension of intimidation, terrors and killings perpetrated by paramilitary; formed, armed and supported by ABRI. 3. The unseriousness of UN to resolve East Timor question. 4. Portugal, as administering-power does not have a just and steady political attitude towards the solution of East Timor question. 5. The arrogance of Indonesian government to let its army (ABRI) uncontrolled in East Timor. 6. Deplore and deeply regret the unlawful statement of General Wiranto by saying that East Timor is legally integral part of Indonesia, regardless on fact that East Timor was illegally invaded and annexed by Indonesian army.


1. The total disarmament of paramilitary groups formed by ABRI under international supervision. 2. The total withdrawal of ABRI from East Timor under international supervision. 3. The immediate presence of UN PeaceKeeping Force in East Timor, as the seriousness of United Nations to uphold the implementation of its Resolutions regarding East Timor question. 4. The involvement of Xanana Gusmão in the forthcoming Tripartite negotiation. 5. World Bank and International Monetary Fund to review its financial aid to Indonesia. The Funds are used to finance military operation in various areas in Indonesia and East Timor, instead of developing the economic condition of Indonesian people.

Patria ou Morte! (Motherland or Death!) A Luta Continua! (The Struggle Continues!)

Indonesia, 9th of April 1999

Representative of Timorese Youth:

signed 1. JOSe MANUEL Organizacão dos Estudantes e da Juventude de Timor Leste (OJETIL)

signed 2. TOMe XAVIER JERNIMO Front Nasional Pemuda Timor Leste (FRONPETIL)

signed 3. VIRGiLIO DA SILVA Resistencia Nacional dos Estudantes de Timor Leste (RENETIL)

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