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End of March - April 17

April 18 - 24
ABRI is subverting the Indonesian Govt
Habibie Aide condemns Timor deaths, wants peace deal
Habibie govt's credibility in tatters unless militia stopped
Indonesia military rejects blame for Dili bloodbath
Jakarta responsible for Dili killings - Australia
Stanley Roth April 16 press conference
UN Secretary General statement
USGOV- State Dept on Attack in E Timor
AI UA 80-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety
Campaign to liquidate the resistance in E Timor - Analysis
Belo seeks proper burial for Saturday's dead
Protests attacks on journalists - The Committee to Protect Journalists
East Timor, Indonesia's Bosnia And Kosovo, European Hypocrisy
Jakarta, Gusmao, reach agreement over rebel leader's call
J Ramos-Horta - The Arm Of Justice Is A Long One...
The two sides to the negotiations - in New York, dialogue and promises
Timor Militia Killings Raise Doubts on Future
Wiranto 'knew about militia attack in advance'
Indonesia army may want E.Timor partition - Analysis
EU Declaration on East Timor - Escalation of violence
'Impulsive' Habibie ignored ABRI in making Jan. Timor decision
INTERVIEW - Lisbon says Timor solution unstoppable
Ramos-Horta Demands Sanctions Over East Timor
Cease-fire as UN Talks Resume
Habibie wants Australia to play leading role in Timor peace process
I warned embassy in Jakarta, says worker
Militiamen 'on way to Jakarta to kill resistance leaders'
Peace agreement signed Bishops dont sign
Peace Accord in English
Pro-independence figures snub Gen Wiranto
SG Welcomes ET Accord
Wiranto - East Timor problem an international one
Peace accord 'PR exercise for military' - Analysis
ET Shooting Victims say ABRI was present
Massachusetts Catholic students adopt East Timor cause
Statement by Irish Foreign Minister to Senate
USGOV- East Timor Peace Pact
Yayasan HAK- The True Story of A Victim
AI UA 88-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety-disappearance
Clash on UN peacekeeping role
E Timor's day-old peace deal shatters
E Timor Peace Agreement Finalised but Hurdles Remain
JRH interview on CBC
Killed Manuel Carrascalao, 18, student Manuel Pinto, 50 details of attacks
Indonesia's Responsibility in East Timor NYTimes Editorial
UN Secretary General on Conclusion of UN Talks on East Timor
Ex-Timor governor flees to Portugal
Jakarta's approval still needed for E.Timor accord
More bodies washed ashore after Timor violence
Who controls Indonesia's Timor policy?

April 25 - 30
AI FI080-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety
AI FI088-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety
E. Timor militia leader vows fight to the death
HAK- Update on Paramilitary Violence
Indonesian army talks peace but makes war
National Council of Churches Asks for Intervention in East Timor
Ramos Horta Press Conference on UN agreements
UN- Transcript of Press Conf with UNSG, Foreign Ministers
US Catholic Bishops write Pentagon

E Timor Peace Agreement Finalised but Hurdles Remain
EU wants U.N. peace force in East Timor
Thousands of Timorese rally in support for autonomy under Indonesia
Trepidation not cheers greets E. Timor agreement
August ballot date for East Timor criticised as dangerously late
Foreign diplomats irk Jakarta with shuttle to East Timor
Foreign police to go to Timor, vote date set
Howard & Habibie are powerless, but at least they agree
Jakarta envoy warns on U.N. Timor safety
Timor is cause for Massachusetts high schoolers
US welcomes Indon move on Timor, offers aid Lisbon reacts cautiously
AI UA092-99 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety

Bishop says Indonesian secret services back militias
East Timor's Gusmao dismisses Bali meeting
East Timor mulls arrival of UN police force for August poll
E. Timorese protesters storm Canberra talks
Indonesia-Australia Summit Pleases No One
ABRI will stay neutral in Timor conflict

Defiant militias reject vote plan
East Timor Rights Groups Urge Peacekeeping
Independence activist flees East Timor, as rivals plan show of force
Nobel laureate urges halt to Indonesia funding over East Timor
Portuguese envoy Ana Gomes says people petrified
Ramos Horta op-ed - "Yes to Kosovo, No to East Timor?"
Journalists in East Timor warned  by Indonesian military intelligence


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