Subject: JP: Czech Republic's stance on Timor misrepresented by Antara
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999 17:46:22 -0400
From: (TAPOL)


JAKARTA (JP): Czech Ambassador to Indonesia Milan Sarapatka denied on Monday a report by The Jakarta Post suggesting that he believed East Timor would be better off remaining as part of Indonesia.

Sarapatka, who visited East Timor last week, said statements attributed to him in the May 20 story under the headline "RI still responsible for law and order in E. Timor" were inaccurate.

The statements were based on a Dili dispatch by Antara, which covered the ambassador's meeting with East Timor administration secretary Radjakarina Brahmana.

The Czech Republic has never recognized Indonesia's annexation of East Timor, and supports the UN activities including the "popular consultation" in the territory in August, the ambassador said.

"The Embassy of the Czech Republic is concerned with human rights violations in East Timor. The main precondition for the success of the consulta-tion in August is the creation of an atmosphere free from vio-lence and intimidation.

"Only a peaceful ballot can ensure the East Timorese peo-ple's genuine aspiration, what-ever it will be — a special autonomy offered by the Indonesian government or independence," he said.

"The situation in the province is tense and critical. The killing of innocent people has to be stopped. The world community must support talks between pro-independence and pro-inte-gration groups, and convince them to sit together and start negotiations and stop the vio-lence and fighting. The result of the peaceful discussion would be crucial for the next development of the East Timorese society."

Sarapatka is the latest among a plethora of foreign ambassadors and officials to visit East Timor in recent weeks as the territory gears itself up for the August vote.

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