Subject: Yayasan HAK: Violence in Maliana and Los Palos
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 21:52:13 +0800
From: evokata <>

Yayasan HAK (Legal Aid, Human Rights and Justice Foundation) Jalan Gov. Serpa Rosa T-095 Farol, Dili Barat Timor Lorosae Telp. 0390 - 313323 Fax. 0390 - 313324


Forum for Unity, Democracy and Justice (FPDK) through its spokesperson, Florencio Mario Vieira, released a press statement on Saturday, August 28, 1999. The two-page statement was a response to the violence in Maliana and Lospalos on August 27, 1999.

FPDK described the violence in Memo area, Maliana district as an attack by a pro-independence group on a pro-autonomy convoy: "The pro-independence group blocked the convoy while carrying stones, arrows and firearms." According to the FPDK, the leaders of the pro-independence group that blocked the road were Paulo Maia (Executive of CNRT Bobonaro branch), Aniceto Guterres (Director of Yayasan HAK) and Francisco Martins (Lecturer at the University of Timor Timur). Because of the incidents in Maliana and Bobonaro that caused the loss of property and life, the FPDK stated that it "strongly condemns the involvement of Yayasan HAK, as an official monitoring body, and demands UNAMET to reconsider the accreditation granted to Yayasan HAK as a ballot observer in East Timor."

Considering that the allegation made by the FPDK has no factual basis, Yayasan HAK perceives the need to clarify some issues with regard to the FPDK's press statement:

1. Aniceto Guterres Lopes (Director of Yayasan HAK) on Friday, August 27, 1999 was at the office of Yayasan HAK, Jln. Gov. Serpa Rosa T-095, Dili from morning until the end of the day. 2. On that particular day, Aniceto Guterres Lopes received guests from several institutions: (a) Raymond Folco, Member of Parliament from Ottawa, Canada (b) Rene Cremonese, Consul General for Political Affairs from the Canadian Embassy in Indonesia and Djasnur Sirait, a staff of Canadian Embassy in Indonesia (c) Two observers from Portugal: Catarina Albuquerque and Patricia Galvão

Considering that FPDK's press statement was released to the mass media and might mislead public opinion, Yayasan HAK would like to state that:

1. FPDK's press statement is a slander against Aniceto Guterres Lopes, SH as an individual, and Yayasan HAK as a human rights organization; 2. UNAMET granted accreditation to Yayasan HAK as a ballot observer, because the institution is regarded as credible and reliable in carrying out its tasks of observation.

For the serious mistake committed by FPDK in its press statement, Yayasan HAK demands that FPDK apologize to Aniceto Guteres Lopes and Yayasan HAK, and release the apology through the mass media for three days in a row.

If FPDK does not fulfill this demand, Yayasan HAK will bring Florencio Mario Vieira and FPDK to court for a case of slander.

Released in Dili August 28, 1999

Joaquim Fonseca Spokesperson

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