Subject: AFP: Banished American doctor returns to East Timor
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 12:15:32 -0400

Banished American doctor returns to East Timor

DILI, East Timor, Sept 25 (AFP) - An American doctor banished by Indonesia from East Timor for alleged anti-Indonesian activities Saturday returned to the territory to organize medical services for the local population.

Daniel Murphy, or "Doctor Dan" as he is known here, had been put on Indonesia's immigration blacklist, and refused re-entry to East Timor in early August after a brief trip to Australia.

On Saturday he set foot again in the East Timorese capital, arriving on board an Australian military flight from Darwin.

"What we are hoping to set up is little offices, we are trying to get a medical presence throughout all areas of the city," said Murphy, who had worked for years at the church-run Motael clinic in Dili.

Murphy, 55, said he was now going to work with aid group Medecins du Monde to set up various medical services stations across Dili.

He said that as soon as he had arrived in Dili, he had headed to the Motael clinic.

"I went to Motael clinic and found that that area is still under the control of TNI (the Indonesian armed forces)," Murphy said.

"That does not feel very reassuring."

He had also been to another clinic elsewhere in the city but found it destroyed.

The Indonesian military is due to hand over security reponsibility over East Timor to the International Force for East Timor (Interfet) on Monday, one week after the UN-sanctioned multinational forces began to deploy in the capital.

Pro-Indonesia militias went on an unchecked campaign of terror and destruction in Dili and elsewhere in East Timor shortly after the announcement on September 4 of the outcome of a UN-held ballot on the future of the territory.

The outcome of the August 30 poll favored separation from Indonesia by an overwhelming 78.5 percent, against 21.5 percent opting to remain within Indonesian but with broad autonomy.

A large part of Dili was left in smouldering ruins and many other buildings, including public facilities, have also been either destroyed or set alight.

Murphy could not hide his anger at the destruction, accusing the Indonesian military of having had a hand at it.

"There is no way this is rogue elements out of control, this is a coordinated effort with multilevels of involvement," Murphy said.

The Indonesian military have said some "rogue elements" of the military might have been partly responsible for the violence in east Timor following the vote.

He also called what had happened in East Timor over the past weeks "a genocide" and a "crime against humanity."

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