Selected Photos

Some images have been cropped to compensate for the limits to bandwidth and resolution imposed by publishing on the web. Additional photos can be found throughout this website. Links to additional sources of photos of East Timor can be found here.

Santa Cruz Massacre
On November 12, 1991 journalists witness hundreds of peaceful East Timorese demonstrators shot down by Indonesian troops.
A dangerous time for children
Boys shouted "Viva e liberdade!"
Demonstrators will be shot
Bloodbath in East Timor

spacer The blood of friends and family
It is not over

Frame from Max Stahl’s video of the massacre
Amy Goodman witnessed the massacre
Allan Nairn witnessed the massacre

General Background
Xanana Gusmão East Timor resistance leader
Xanana Gusmão in Cipinang prison
Bishop Belo and Jose Ramos-Horta Nobel Peace Prize winners
Constancio Pinto Speaker for East Timorese resistance
Timorese defector/activist Isabel Galhos and Kristin Sundell, ETAN National Field Organizer
Father Sandyawan Sumardi Advocate for the Jakarta's urban poor

Photographs of East Timor, 1998 by Mark Rhomberg

spacer Timorese students demonstrate before Indonesian prison (1998)
Children performing traditional Timorese dance
Photographs of East Timor Late '98, by Mark Rhomberg

ETAN-DC "die-in" Indonesian Embassy (1997)
ETAN-Boston demonstration   Massachusetts State House (1997)


Torture & Death
Viewers are warned that the photos are explicit and may shock some people.   However, they provide some of the most telling type of information about the violence to which East Timorese people are subjected.

"Disappearing" the East Timorese
A shallow grave for the young

spacer The following photos and accompanying descriptive material were taken from a larger collection.

Torture of East Timorese by Indonesian soldier
Indonesian torturer and victim
Torture in the light of day
Dictator Suharto's dirty business in East Timor


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