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Cardinal O'Connor with Timorese

New York's Cardinal O'Connor meets with East Timorese in May 1999. From left: Constancio Pinto, North American Representative CNRT; Vincente Soares Faria, a teacher at the University of East Timor; Cardinal O'Connor; Francisco de Jesus da Costa, survivor of the Liquica massacre. Photo by Stephen Steele.

East Timor: A Matter of Faith

Additional news and opinion concerning people of faith and East Timor

Selected Documents

Reconciliation with Jakarta without justice is meaningless, says bishop of Baucau

Faith Communities and Chega!: Making Recomendations Reality (CAVR)

U.S. Catholic Bishops on Military Aid to Indonesia

East Timor Bishop Ricardo to UN Secretary-General on Justice

Catholic Church of ET Position on Justice Presented to COE 

ABCTV Compass: Sister Lourdes - Faith In A Nation

BBC: East Timor mourns 'catalyst' Pope; AFP & President Gusmao: E. Timor mourns death of Pope John Paul

Church Must Work With State For The People (interview with Bishop Alberto Ricardo da Silva, May 2004)

People of Faith Call for International Tribunal for East Timor, Regardless of Indonesian Court Verdicts (May 26, 2003)

ETAN is saddened by the May 1 death of retired New York Episcopal Bishop Paul Moore, Jr. He was a steadfast advocate for the people of East Timor. Read  his article in the June 2002 issue of The Witness, "Celebrating an independent, but still vulnerable, East Timor." 

Interview with Bishop Nascimento December 30,  2003

From Passivity to Political Resource: The Catholic Church and Nationalism in East Timor by Chris Lundry

Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo- Freedom Is Not Enough (May 18, Washington Post Op-ed)

Statement by Bishop Belo to International Donors (April 2002)

Bishop Belo on Elections (Aug. 2001); on Justice (Aug. 2001); on Refugees (Oct. 2001)

Churches Call for Justice and Peace in East Timor (Nov. 2000)

Resolutions on East Timor passed by United States religious institutions

Observations From East Timor Rev. Max Surjadinata on the current scene, and a brief history of the Protestant Church in East Timor

Letter of the Holy Father to the Bishops of East Timor

  Articles from 
The Florida Catholic
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A conversation with a priest amid last year’s violence violence haunted one UN observer

East Timor slowly rises from the ashes

The Widows of Maliana

Maliana Priest's Calls for Forgiveness, Justice 

(left) Regina Magalhaes with her son, Fidelis, a human rights officer with Jesuit Refugee Services in East Timor. Her husband, Manuel, was killed in the violence that followed East Timor's bid for independence.
Photo by Stephen Steele.

Recently deceased, New York's Cardinal O'Connor was a friend of East Timor. In May 1999, although ill, he met with a group of East Timorese in his office.  In September, he phoned Dili to pledge support to the Salesian  convent under siege during the height of East Timor's crisis.

Timor's Bishop Belo Shares Nobel Peace Prize

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