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Amy Goodman  
Amy Goodman. Photo by Frank Fitzgerald.

Update on Amy Goodman's situation with Pacifica radio network

January 16, 2002

Amy Goodman is now back on the air at all five Pacifica stations. As a result of legal actions, none directly related to Amy's situation, a court settlement established a new interim Board of Directors for the network. In late December, this board voted to reinstate Amy's Democracy Now! program. All but one of the five network-owned stations (New York's WBAI) obeyed the board's direction. Last weekend the new board met in person. Among its actions was to fire the WBAI's station manager. As of this week, Democracy Now! has been airing for its full hour on all the stations.

Amy and her production crew had left their offices at WBAI in mid-August citing safety concerns due to ongoing harassment. She immediately began broadcasting from alternative facilities at which time Pacifica took her off the air (though one station disobeyd the directive and continued to carry the show).

All of those banned and fired over the last year from WBAI (most for opposing program changes) were restored, including one program host who was barred from the station and WBAI's airwaves after he interviewed ETAN's John M. Miller about the slanders that had aired on WBAI questioning Amy's reporting on the Santa Cruz massacre

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Statements and Letters

ETAN's Open Letter to WBAI & Pacifica on E. Timor and Amy Goodman (08/17/01)

Statement by Jose Ramos-Horta (East Timor Nobel Laureate) on Amy Goodman and Santa Cruz Massacre (09/03/01)

Statement by filmmaker Max Stahl on Amy Goodman and the Santa Cruz Massacre (08/21/01)

ETAN's letter concerning Democracy Now! to the Pacifica Board (11/00)

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ETAN Action Alert on Democracy Now!

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East Timorese Recall Santa Cruz Massacre and Double Standards at Ground Zero: How the U.S. Responds to Terrorism in New York & East Timor (Nov. 12, 2001)

The People of East Timor Hold Their First Elections To Choose A Constitutional Assembly (Aug. 30, 2001) 

Some earlier programs


Chronology of Pacifica's Harassment, Defamation and Censorship of Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! 2000/2001

General information and background can be found at: and

Additional Background on the Santa Cruz Massacre


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