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Democracy Now! Listen to Democracy Now! Cover East Timor's Independence

Listen online  to Amy Goodman's on-the-scene coverage of East Timor's independence  Click here for links to RealAudio links to these unique broadcast. (as well as links to many of Democracy Now!'s groundbreaking past broadcasts.) 

Amy Goodman and the Democracy Now! crew broadcast live from East Timor's independence ceremonies.

May 20, 2002
* East Timor Declares Independence; UN Secretary General Hands Over Power To Xanana Gusmao
* Guerrilla Leader Turned Founding President Of East Timor Xanana Gusmao Delivers Inaugural Address
* Journalist Allan Nairn Confronts President Clinton Over U.S. Policy Toward East Timor; Amy Goodman And Allan Nairn Question Brigadier General Over U.S. Military Support For Indonesia

May 19: 
MP3s of live three-hour broadcast of independence with Amy Goodman and Allan Nairn

May 16, 2002
* Looking Back At The History Of East Timor And U.S. Foreign Policy: A Rebroadcast Of The 1991 Radio Documentary "Massacre: The Story Of East Timor."
* From Guerrilla Leader To Founding President Of A New Nation: An Interview With East Timorese President Xanana Gusmao

May 14, 2002
* East Timor's Foreign Minister Discusses Indonesian And International Responsibility For Crimes Against Humanity In East Timor
* East Timorese Activist Returned Home After Nearly Decade In Exile Discusses Independence And The Challenges Facing A Free East Timor
* East Timorese University Students Talk About Their Hopes For East Timor's Future

May 13, 2002
* Democracy Now! Travels To East Timor: A Look At The Island Nation's Long Journey From Invasion, To Annihilation, To Independence
* In Australia, Democracy Now! Talks To The Mother Of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jose Ramos Horta, And Visits The Offices Of The Sydney Morning Herald, Where They Have Uncovered Top Secret Documents That Reveal Australia's Complicity In The Indonesian Military Plan To Destroy East Timor
* Democracy Now! Talks To Timorese Traveling Home To Independence
* The Politics Of Oil In East Timor: An Interview With Long-Time East Timorese Activist Robert Wesley Smith

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From Annihilation to a New Nation: The Founding of East Timor
6 hours of video coverage from Democracy Now! in East Timor. VHS.  $75 
Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! report from East Timor for a week and a half before, during and after independence day, where they interviewed a wide range of East Timorese, activists and officials as the new nation is born. Videotapes include material not broadcast on Pacifica.

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