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Timor-Leste National Alliance for an International Tribunal
Aliansi Nasional Timor Leste Ba Tribunal Internasional

Secretariat: Fongtil, Caicoli, Dili, Timor-Leste

In three days time, the Timorese people will celebrate the anniversary of the restoration of our independence. Though we have been happily celebrating the day with festivities for nine years, a portion of the population is sad on this commemorative day because of wounds that have not healed and still inflict pain. These wounds will not heal while those responsible for them remain free from judicial accountability.

How can we imagine this situation continuing? Some people are happy while others remain sad, but can we call this a victory for all of us? While some people are smiling and content, others are crying and spilling their tears. Can we continue to claim we have achieved harmony and peace? How can we assure an end to impunity when the perpetrators of Serious Crimes in Timor-Leste from 1999 remain free and face no consequences? Why do we pour energy and effort into the courts when the courts themselves have no teeth to bite those who committed Crimes Against Humanity?

We ask you all to consider that the demand for justice for Serious Crimes is not just necessary for the Timorese people, it is not for a movement or a group, but it is the responsibility of everyone in this country, of the international community, and particularly of the United Nations. We are conscious that the demand for justice is not just for Timorese people, but is necessary to prevent future Crimes Against Humanity and human rights violations in other countries. For this reason we firmly insist that the time has come to end the chain of impunity for Timor-Leste and for the people in other countries.

Coming out of a three day strategic planning meeting of the National Alliance for an International Tribunal (ANTI), held 29-31 March at Ismaik in Dare with more than fifty participants, including students, representatives of victims and victims’ families, national and international nongovernmental organizations, and international solidarity activists, ANTI requests:

  1. That the United Nations stop believing that Indonesia and Timor-Leste will prosecute the cases of Serious Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed from 1975-1999, and find an alternative such as the Special Panels to prosecute the criminal perpetrators.

  2. All the Embassies and Consulates in Timor-Leste report to your States that the question of justice for Serious Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity from 1975-1999 remain a major concern for the people of Timor-Leste. Thus, we sincerely appeal to you to take action on the question of justice for Serious Crimes as a moral and formal responsibility of your State and society.

  3. That the international organizations and institutions supporting Timor-Leste’s development address justice issues related to Serious Crimes as a key concern for development and a necessity to assure democracy and the rule of law.

  4. That the National Parliament give significant importance and priority to discussing the establishment of an institution to implement the Chega Report, in order to prevent polemics and incongruity among our leaders due to personal opinions that might prejudice the voice of victims who truly want truth and justice for the Serious Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity they suffered.

We believe that the Timorese people, and all of us, still hope that peace and friendship will be realized once justice is achieved for the Serious Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed in Timor-Leste from 1975-1999, once the perpetrators are fairly prosecuted and there is accountability.

Justice for the Timorese People,

Justice for all people of all nations in the world.

Dili, 17 May 2010
We share our voice.

ANTI press conference
ANTI board members, l-r: Imaculada Soares Cabral, Sisto dos Santos, Rogerio Neves, Jenito Santana


Loron tolu tan, povu Timorense sei restaura aniversariu ba independensia nian. Mesmu tinan 9 ona entidades tomak komemora hodi festeza loron restaurasaun ho haksolok, maibe povu lubun balu komemora ho triste tamba kanek hirak nebe sira senti seidauk kurtivu no dadauk ne sei moras hela. Kanek hirak ne’e nunka diak sei bainhira ema nebe uluk halo hodi hamosu kanek sira ne sei nafatin livre husi julgamentu tribunal.

Karik ita hotu bele imajina, sei iha kondisaun nebe ema balu haksolok no balu seluk triste ita bele dehan ne vitoria ba ita hotu? Karik ema balu hamnasa ho kontenti no seluk balu tanis ho matan ben, ita bele dehan nafatin ne harmonia no dame? Oinsa ita bele asegura hodi hapara impunidade sei bainhira ema sira nebe autor krime grave iha Timor-Leste `99` sei nafatin livre no laiha prosesu ruma ba sira? Tamba sa ita soe enerjia makas hodi hadia mekanismu servisu tribunal nian sei bainhira tribunal rasik laiha ona nehan hodi tata ema sira nebe komete krime grave kontra umanidade.

Ami husu ba ita tomak atu tau konsiderasaun katak, ezizensia ba justisa krime grave laos deit nesesidade ba ema timor oan nomos laos muvimentu ka grupu ida nian maibe sai hanesan responsabilidade entidades tomak iha rai laran, komunidade internasional, liliu responsabilidade masimu ONU. Ami konsiente katak; ezizensia justisa laos deit ba ema timor oan maibe liutan ida ne’e atu prevene krime kontra umanidade no violasaun direitus umanus iha rai seluk iha tempo oin. Tamba ne ho firme ami hato’o katak, tempo to’o ona hodi hakotu korenti impunidade iha Timor no ba povu iha nasaun seluk.

Tamba ne’e bazeia ba rezutadu “Planu Stratejiku ANTI nian duranti loron tolu husi 29 – 31 Marsu 2010 iha Dare-ISMAIK nebe parstisipa husi liu ema nain 50; husi grupo estudante, reprezentante vitima no familia vitima, ONG nasional no internasional no ativista solidariadade internasional. Ho nune’e ANTI konkretiza hanoin hodi husu;

  1. Ba ONU, atu labele kontinua fo konfiansa ba Indonesia no Timor-Leste hodi prosesa kazu krime grave no krime kontra humanidade nebe akontese husi 1975-1999 maibe deside alternativu seluk hodi hamosu painel special hodi halao julgamentu foun ba autor kriminozu sira.

  2. Ba Emabaisada no konsuladu tomak iha Timor-Leste atu hato’o reportajen ba estadu idak-idak katak kestaun justisa ba krime grave no krime kontra umanidade husi 1975–1999 sai nafatin preukupasaun boot ba povu Timor-Leste. Ho nune’e laran metin ami husu ita boot sira nia asaun hodi inklui kestaun justisa krime grave sai nudar dever moral no formal iha ita bot sira nia estadu no sosiadade.

  3. Ba organizasaun internasional no instituisaun internasional nebe apoiu dezenvolvimentu iha Timor-Leste atu mos tau preukupasaun ba assuntu justisa krime grave nudar xafi esensial ba aspeitu dezenvolvimentu hodi hametin estadu de direitu no demokrasia.

  4. Ba Parlamentu Nasional, atu ho seriadade hodi fo importansia no fo prioridade hodi diskute mekanisme estabelesementu instituisaun ba implementa relatoriu Chega, nune’e labele hamosu polemika no kontaradisoens entre ulun nain sira bazeia ba opiniaun pesoal nebe bele prejudika lian vitima nebe mak ho honestu buka justisa no lia los ba krime grave no krime kontra umanidade.

Ami fiar katak, povo Timor-Leste no ita tomak sei iha esperansa ba dame no amizade bele alkansa bainhira justisa ba krime grave no krime kontra umanidade iha Timor-Leste husi 1975 – 1999 bele iha prosesu justu no iha akontabilidade.

Justisa ba povu Timor-Leste,

Justisa ba emar tomak iha mundu rai klaran.

Dili, 17 Maiu 2010
Ami saran lian.

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