Kissinger Dies at 100
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Henry Kissinger Dies at 100: Greenlit Invasion and Illegally Provided Weapons to Indonesia

From The Guardian:

Kissinger with FordHenry Kissinger, the former secretary of state under Richard Nixon who became one of the most prominent and controversial figures of US foreign policy in the 20th century, has died. He was 100....

[H]his legacy was also defined by his contempt for human rights and efforts to protect US corporate interests at all costs, with opponents across the world casting him as a war criminal. He supported Indonesia’s military dictator in the invasion of East Timor, backed the invasion of Angola by the apartheid regime in South Africa and worked with the CIA to overthrow the democratically-elected president of Chile. He also authorized wiretaps of reporters and his own staff.

“The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a bit longer.” - Kissinger

From ETAN: About Kissinger: The United States’ most notorious living war criminal

Kissinger geopolitical scheming in the Indonesian archipelago had particularly dire consequences for the peoples there. In 1969, the U.S. conspired with the Indonesian dictator Suharto to facilitate the illegal annexation of West Papua through a transparently bogus propaganda exercise known as the "Act of Free Choice." U.S. behind-the-scenes support at the United Nations for this undemocratic farce was essential to solidifying the Indonesian dictatorship's control of West Papua and the more than four decades of genocidal policies which have decimated the Papuan population.

Under Kissinger's direction, the U.S. gave a greenlight to the 1975 Indonesian invasion of East Timor (now Timor-Leste) which ushered in a 24-year brutal occupation by the Suharto dictatorship. The Indonesian occupation of East Timor and West Papua was enabled by U.S. weapons and training. This illegal flow of weapons contravened congressional intent, yet Kissinger bragged about his ability to continue arms shipments to Suharto (“The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a bit longer.”) These weapons were essential to the Indonesian dictator's consolidation of military control in both East Timor and West Papua, and these occupations cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Timorese and Papuan civilians. Kissinger’s policy toward West Papua allowed for the U.S.-based multinational corporation Freeport McMoRan to pursue its mining interests in the region, which has resulted in terrible human rights and environmental abuses; Kissinger was rewarded with a seat on the Board of Directors from 1995-2001.

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