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To reinforce Mr. Roque Rodrigues'* appeal I would like to inform you that, in fact, the issue of disarmament has been raised with the UN. The UN is following closely the situation in East Timor, especially the paramilitary activities. However, to this day, there is no sign that the UN will take any action soon. Therefore, I would like to appeal to all of the solidarity groups with East Timor to lobby all members of the United Nations calling for :

  • (1) The deployment of the UN peace keeping force in East Timor without delay.
  • (2) The establishment of the UN office in East Timor.
  • (3) The disarmament of the civilians.

The lobbied can be done in your home country by writing letters, making phone calls or personal meeting with your Foreign Minister or whoever you might think have the decision making power.

Thank you for your support and continued solidarity.

Constancio Pinto
CNRT Representative to North America

* Roque Rodrigues, CNRT Representative to Portugal