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The following are links to lists of contacts for members of the U.S. Congress. Contact your senator or House representative on matters which are important to you. Those elected officials with email address will only respond to mail from their constituents, so include your locality/postal address - especially if you are registered to vote there. Up-to-date database of congressional contact information. Email and postal addresses available for all Congressmembers. Representatives found by your ZIP code. Search by state or ZIP code. Search for bills, Committee Reports, Roll Call Votes, etc. 106th Congress
(1999/2000) email addresses and web sites in a text document list.   Members of U.S. Senate & U.S. House of Representatives, Committees, Commissions, Calendars & Schedules, Bills, Amendments and Laws, Roll Call Votes, and (if you can take it) more. Email your Senator from here. Web site links, too. 1999 U.S. Senate email list. Snail mail addresses for congresspersons found by zip code search at this C-SPAN site. House Of Representatives search engines for Committee and Member Web Sites.

Other public officials (Washington and worldwide) Heads of State Email Page

Note: For those who would like to fax "the powers that be" - CallCenter V3.5.8, is a Native 32-bit Voice Telephony software application integrated with fax and data communications... and  it's free of charge!  Download from