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Published and Un-published Letters & Op-Eds


Joint Australian letter on justice and the current crisis - Without Justice There Will Be No Peace (May 26)
Letter- Rice's words on Indonesia ring hollow (March 21)
Joseph Nevins: U.S. owes restitution to East Timor (March 16)

IHT Letters - Oppose military aid to Indonesia (January 9)


Letters on Bush Waiver (various dates)
Letter to Editor on Kopassus (December 20)
Don't share platforms with Kissinger - Letter (December)

Letters on Timor Sea justice (November 29)
Unpublished Letter: What really happened in 1999 (November)

IHT Letter: Accounting in East Timor  (August 13)
Letters on Wolfowitz nomination (March)

ETAN Letters to Christian Sci. Monitor (February 17)
Letters on Tsunami and Military Assistance (January)

Selected Unpublished Letter to the Editor 2005
Misc Letter to the Editor 


Committing to Justice for East Timor (Washington Post. Sept 11)
Letter on U.S. assistance to TNI (Christian Science Monitor)
ETAN & others on Wolfowitz and Indonesia (NY Times)

Letter - Justice before Security Council seat for Indonesia (Asia Times)

Letter- Pleading the 'rogue's defence' (The Age)

Independence Day Opinion: Op-eds by ETAN members and friends, May 2002:

US Media Servile to the Last in Reporting Timor Struggle
ZNET- East Timor Independence Day- May 20, 2002
U.S. Must Examine Its Role in New Nation's Bloody Past
The price of independence
Time for a U.S. Truth Commission on East Timor
Dramatic U-turn for US and Australia

Indonesia and the U.S., International Herald Tribune, September 11, 2001
Letters on Henry Kissinger, July 2001

Without Reform, Jakarta's Frail Empire Will Fall - Jose Ramos-Horta, September 17, 2000, International Herald Tribune
Refugees still suffering in East Timor, Dan Winters, September 13, 2000 Colorado Daily
Justice for East Timor - John M. Miller, September 1, 2000, New York Times
A Year Later, East Timor's People Are Still Waiting for Justice - Aderito de Jesus Soares, East Timor National Jurists Association, August 30, 2000, International Herald Tribune (Op-ed)
Little Reason to Celebrate One Year Later - Stephanie Coop, August 30, 2000, Japan Times (Op-ed) 
East Timor needs help to rebuild - British aid organizations, August 30, 2000, Times (London)
Justice for East Timor - John M. Miller, August 23, 2000, International Herald Tribune
Indonesian Troubles - Ben Terrall, July 12, 2000, San Francisco Chronicle
A Lesson From Timor: Don't Coddle the Indonesian Military - Karen Orenstein, July 5, 2000, International Herald Tribune (Op-ed)
Like a phoenix, East Timor rises again, Op-ed in The Age, June 27, 2000, Jim Dunn (Op-ed)
East Timor Deserves Democracy, Op-ed in Asia Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2000 by Jim Della-Giacoma, former U.N. political officer 
Release classified information - various Australians, June 21, 2000, Green Left Weekly
U.S.-Indonesia Ties - Lynn  Fredriksson,  June 2, 2000, International Herald Tribune
Stop Military Ties With Indonesians - Eliot Hoffman, May 25, 2000, New York Times 
Acts of faith will rebuild my nation - Xanana Gusmao, Op-ed in The Age,  May 5, 2000
Four letters from February to May 2000 - Journalists in East Timor, To Rebuild East Timor, Indonesia's Battalion 745, Reconciling East Timor
Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust - commentary in Sydney Morning Herald, Shirley Shackleton, widow of journalist murdered in East Timor, April 26, 2000
New nation has opportunity for gains in the Gap - commentary in Sydney Morning Herald,  Andrew McNaughton, April 13, 2000 
Kissinger wrong choice - John M. Miller, March, 2000, USA Today  
Trying Indonesia military for East Timor rampages - February, 2000 Three letters by John M. Miller 
West's Hands Dirty in E Timor - InterPress Service Op-ed by Matthew Jardine, February 2000

Response to front page NY Times story -  December, 1999 Letter to the Editor by Diane Farsetta
From a Jakarta Prison Cell - Washington Post Op-ed   by Xanana Gusmao, president of the National Council of Timorese Resistance.
The New York Times - January 29, 1999 Letter to the Editor by Ben Terrall

"A Civil Society in East Timor" - October 30, 1998 Washington Times Op-ed by Brad Simpson and Kristin Sundell
November 4, 1998 - Letter to the Editor by Ben Terrall, published in the (Mendocino County, CA) Anderson Valley Advertiser
"Talks on East Timor at Decisive Stage" - San Francisco Chronicle November 9, 1998 Letter to the Editor by Clare Campbell, Board Member Global Exchange
US News & World Report Outlook - November 30, 1998 Letters to the Editor by  Eliot Hoffman and Clarance Evan Dale Santos
Washington Post - Letter to the Editor The Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Jr. quotes Bishop Belo: "There was no danger whatsoever of a takeover by communists." 28 Jul 1998


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Tips on How to Use the Media Effectively - Writing Effective Letters to the Editor, Writing and Publishing an Op-Ed, Taking Action to the Airwaves



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