Subject: AI EXTRA 19/99 INDONESIA Possible disappearance
Date: 16 Feb 99 17:27:55 -0500
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PUBLIC AI Index: ASA 21/10/99 16 February 1999

Further information on EXTRA 19/99 (ASA 21/09/99, 11 February 1999) - Possible "disappearance"


Anwar Yusuf (23)

Anwar Yusuf, a volunteer with a human rights organization, has been released from custody after being kidnapped and held in incommunicado military detention.

Anwar Yusuf claims that he was arrested without a warrant from his home in East Aceh at around 6.30 pm on 7 February 1999. He was detained after meeting with individuals investigating the shooting of people by the Indonesian Armed Forces in East Aceh on 3 February. (See Extra 17/99 - ASA 21/07/99, 9 February 1999). During the trip Anwar Yusuf visited the Arakundo river from which bodies of those believed to have been killed by the military had been retrieved.

Following his arrest, Anwar Yusuf was taken to Koramil (Sub-district Military Command) Idi Rayeuk. He was taken to a private house where he was interrogated by four military men about his visit to Arakundo.

Anwar Yusuf claims that during the interrogation he was hit with a block, a broom and a chair. Coffee was poured over him and he was threatened that he would be shot. He was accused of being a member of the armed separatist group, Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (Free Aceh Movement) and made to squat on the floor with a block placed behind his knees. He was forced to sleep sitting in a chair.

The following day he was taken to the East Aceh Kodim (District Military Command) Headquarters in Langsa. On 8 February Anwar Yusuf was transferred to police custody and then released without charge on 10 February.

During his time in custody, Anwar Yusuf's mother attempted to trace her son at both Koramil and the police station where he was ultimately released from. Both police and Koramil officials denied any knowledge of his whereabouts.

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