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Timorese news translated from Tetun

Also: Who Can Participate In The Election Registration Process (TP Editorial/15/2/01)

CNRT/NC Cadres Participate In The Election Registration Process (Timor Post/14/2/01)

Eight hundred international staff are now in East Timor to conduct registration for an election that will take place this year. So that it will go smoothly, CBRT/NC will participate in the process. CNRT/NC President Jose Alexandre Xanana Gusmao said all Timorese should be take part in the political process and elections. However, starting with registration, the international staff does not know the reality of the population in the district and subdsitrict. For UNTAET to carry out civic education on democracy and election systems, they have to use interpreters.

Sometimes this creates more confusion and incomprehension among the people..

Thus, last week, CNRT/NC cadres from subdistricts and districts have begun training on electoral systems in CNRT HQ in Balide. They will then go and explain to all the people. "The malaes (foreigners) sometimes give definitions that our people do not understand,¡" Xanana explained. CNRT cadres will also be trained in election laws, civil education, democracy, liberty and the rights of political parties. "We will also talk about the constitution so that the cadres can return to their district to explain to their people," Xanana said.

He added that gradually CNRT would disappear after the elections as there would be elected executive and legislative organs, or at least the elections would make known which parties would make up these organs. The people would also have to understand that transition does not mean that houses and roads destroyed during 1999 would be rebuilt. The transition is in regard to capacity building in accordance with UN mandate. If the people understand that well, the transition will go smoothly, Xanana said.

When CNRT disappears after the elections, Xanana said that active members of CNRT/NC can apply for civil service positions. Applications forms are already available for management courses with UNDP. And the youth can have professional training in mechanics, technical and electrical courses. The project section too will have management training to promote the national economic development of East Timor.

Who Can Participate In The Election Registration Process (TP Editorial/15/2/01)

The president of CNRT /NC, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, in his speech to the journalists of TP on 14/2 said that CNRT/NC cadres will participate in the election registration process together with international staff who are now in the country. This CNRT/NC decision is due to the fact that international staff do know the people well and until now, UNTAET has carried out its work through interpreters, creating much confusion. Thus CNRT/NC cadres must participate. However, they need training.

The editorial points out that it does not intend to lower the credibility of the CNRT/NC cadres but warns against the many experiences, for example, the recruitment of teachers which had been full of confusion, indicating nepotism and collusion. This is a reality that cannot be denied and calls for introspection on one¡¦s work, as it is the people who will suffer. Nevertheless, this plan of CNRT/NC finds support from the people and the political elite. What must be clear is that the CNRT/NC cadres must do their work responsibly and leave behind their parties/groups¡¦ interest work, with discipline, nationalistic and patriotic energy.

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