Subject: East Timor press Headlines/17April2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Tuesday 17 April 2001

1. Mario Carrascalao: UNTAET Does Not Have A Timorization Target 
2. Xanana Gusmao: No Need For Timor Lorosae To Have Instant Independence 
3. Cancio Carvalho: Reconciliation Must End With General Amnesty

1. Mario Carrascalao: UNTAET Does Not Have A Timorization Target (Suara Timor Lorosae, second lead Front Page)

UNTAET’s Timorization process is not clearly visible within the Transitional administration. Also, the transitional administration does not have a definite target for achieving it.

This was stated by the vice-president of CNRT/CN Mario Carrascalao in an interview with Radio UNTAET last week.

“In order for Timor Lorosae to be fully independent, it is necessary [for the transitional administration] to have full capacity-building in order to create a definite level of Timorese administrators ­ till all the administrative positions in UNTAET are filled by Timorese people,” said Mario.

Mario said that with regard to the capacity-building exercise only statements had been made and nothing concrete had been achieved.

He said before full independence is achieved for the country, all key positions in important sectors had to be filled by Timorese people.

When asked what prevented these positions from being filled, Mario said the main problem in the Timorization process was the system implemented by UNTAET in Timor Lorosae.

“Because they [UNTAET] arranged everything, they also have their own views and perceptions,"”said Mario.

Mario said UNTAET did not have a clear program, nor did it have a definite direction, for the country as it heads towards independence.

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2. Xanana Gusmao: No Need For Timor Lorosae To Have Instant Independence

CNRT/CN President Xanana Gusmao said yesterday Timor Lorosae did not need instant independence. What was important, he added, was the readiness of the people to prepare themselves to take over the full administration of the country from the UN.

In an interview with Kyodo news agency, Xanana reminded the people that the 30 August election was for the country’s first Constituent Assembly.

The Constituent Assembly then will prepare the country for its first general election.

“We are not chasing instant independence. We will be fully independent next year. But what we want from the UN is to inherit a country which can govern and administer itself. That is our wish,” said Xanana.

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3. Cancio Carvalho: Reconciliation Must End With A General Amnesty (Suara Timor Lorosae, third lead Front Page)

An ex-militia leader yesterday appealed for a general amnesty for those who committed human rights crimes in Timor Lorosae.

Speaking at a radio-talk show in Indonesia-controlled West Timor, the former leader of the Mahidi militia, Cancio Lopes de Carvalho, said reconciliation was important for peace in Timor Lorosae.

But he added the reconciliation process must end with a general amnesty for those who committed human rights crimes.

“We are ready to come to the table of reconciliation. We are ready to talk to Xanana, Bishop Belo and other leaders. But people must not be afraid. There must a guarantee that there would be no repercussions against them if they committed any abuses. We are now living under different circumstances,” said Cancio.

“The road to peace is there but there must be a general amnesty for those who committed crimes in Timor Lorosae, before and after the referendum,” added the ex-militia leader.

“With a general amnesty in place I think all the people of Timor Lorosae can work together to develop the country. There won’t be fear haunting us and we can put the past behind.”

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