Subject: JRS: temporarily suspended programs in Noelbaki barracks

JRS DISPATCHES No. 92 - 2 May 2001 Twice monthly news bulletin from the Jesuit Refugee Service International office


JRS West Timor temporarily suspended programs in Noelbaki barracks, Kupang, following an outbreak of fighting between East Timorese refugees living there and those in another camp. "Our kindergarten schools closed, and supplementary food distribution and medical service also stopped," said Hendro, the coordinator of JRS in Kupang. An incident on 19 April sparked clashes and some refugees left the camps and went to homes of the local population, paddy field, the forest and the coast. On 23 April, the word spread that the refugees were about to attack each other, and that other refugees from Atambua and Kefa would join the fray. However, the rumours proved unfounded, and by the following day, the situation had calmed down, and refugees had returned to their camps bringing their belongings back.

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