Subject: East Timor headlines/3May2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Thursday 3 May, 2001

1. School Burning: Police Carrying Out Investigations 
2. NC to summon Indonesian Mission Head 
3. NC members off to Darwin to gather data on Timor Gap

1. School Burning: Police Carrying Out Investigations, Says Marito (Timor Post, Front Page second lead)

Civpol is investigating the school-burning incident in Wailili village in Baucau, said District Administrator Marito Reis.

“We are taking the matter very seriously because there had to be a reason why the school was razed,” Marito told the Timor Post yesterday.

Marito did not want to speculate on the group that did the criminal act.

“Were they a political group belonging to RDTL or were they a frustrated group, I can’t speculate,” he said.

“What’s clear is that a group of people burnt down the school,” added Marito.

Marito said he instructed Civpol to take the matter very seriously.

“The investigations must be carried out to its completion ­ if not teachers will get scared and not want to carry out their duties,” he said.

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2. NC To Summon Indonesian Mission Head (Timor Post, Front Page third lead)

The National Council agreed to summon the head of the Indonesian mission to clarify before the chamber the process of backdated pension payments for ex-Indonesia civil servants.

NC members wanted to know the status of these ex-civil servants.

“The National Council wants to know when Indonesia is willing to meet these back payments,” said the NC statement.

The National Council said it would also seek a clarification from UNTAET on the issue.

“This issue affects thousands of ex-civil servants and their families. It has to be settled soon so that these people can get on with the lives,” said the NC.

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3. NC Members Off To Darwin To Gather Data On Timor Gap (Timor Post, Page 4 lead)

Twenty-six councilors out the 30-member National Council will be making their way to Darwin between 8 May ­ 10 May to seek further data on the Timor Gap. This data will be used by the National Council to analyze the involvement of the Australian government and Philips Petroleum in the development of the Timor Gap, said National Council President Manuel Carascalao yesterday.

Manuel said the NC members were not forced to go to Darwin by any party. He said the members were given a choice of registering if they wanted to make the trip.

Manuel gave his reasons for the Darwin data-gathering trip.

“If we wait for UNTAET to brief us, then everything would be deemed a secret. UNTAET is here only for a limited period and Timor Lorosae will be independent soon. Therefore the people need to know the actual facts,” said the NC president.

According to Manuel, while the NC members are in Darwin they will meet all parties that have stakes in the Timor Gap ­ from Australian government officials to petroleum industry people.

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