Subject: East Timor headlines/8May2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Tuesday 8 May, 2001

1. Povu Timor Party ‘wins’ on first day of registration 
2. Sergio de Mello: Killers of UNHCR staff have to be sentenced to more than 20 months jail 
3. Xanana: Let there not be more sufferings and tears 
4. Falur: There was meaningful progress at meeting with militia leaders

1. Povu Timor Party ‘Wins’ on First Day of Registration (Timor Post, Front Page headline)

Without anyone expecting, the relatively unknown Povu Timor Party emerged winner in the first day of registration for political parties yesterday. The registration was with the Independent Electoral Commission.

Surprisingly Povu Timor fulfilled all the criteria, laid down by the Electoral Commisson, for registration.

Two other parties who also registered with the Electoral Commission were Fretilin (Central Committee) and the Christian Democratic Party. However, they had to furnish more information to the Electoral Commission and were given 14 days to do that.

The first party that made its way to the Electoral Commission yesterday, when registration ws opened was Fretilin, led by Lu-Olo. While Lu-Olo was trying to get the party registered, Fretilin supporters chanted slogans and shouted: “Viva CCF Fretilin, Viva Lu-Olo and Vivia People of Timor Lorosae.”

In a press conference yesterday, Chief Electoral Officer Carlos Valenzuele said the three political parties have not been rejected by the Electoral Commission.

“There was more information needed from two parties. But I stress no political party has been rejected by the Commission,” he said.

Carlos said further information needed was verification of the party’s address, party symbol and the party’s acronym. Candidates also would have to verify their residential address, as proof that they were from particular areas or districts.

Five hundred signatures were needed by a political party for registration. But if a party had more than 500 signatures, Carlos said it did not matter.

If political parties wanted to merge, after registration, they would have to submit the new name and symbol of the coalition to the Commission, said Carlos. But, he said, did not need to have 500 signatures because they were already registered.

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2. Sergio de Mello: Killers of UNHCR Staff Have To Be Sentenced To More Than 20 Months Jail (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page second lead)

The convicted killers of the three UNHCR staff killed in Atambua on September 6 last year should have been sentenced to more than 20 months jail by an Indonesian court, said UN Transitional Administrator Sergio Vieira de Mello last night.

At a dinner hosted by Sergio de Mello for the Ambassadors of Belgium, Russia and Germany who are currently posted in Indonesia, the UN Transitional Administrator said: “The cold-blooded murders of the three international staff should have been sentenced to more than 20 months jail.”

Sergio de Mello said he hoped the Indonesian prosecutors from the Attorney General’s Office will appeal the decision.

“The three UNHCR international staff members were brutally killed. Twenty years jail certainly does not reflect the nature of the crime,” said Sergio de Mello.

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3. Xanana: Let There Not Be More Sufferings and Tears (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline)

The second congress of the youth organization Fitun was opened by CNRT President Xanana Gusmao yesterday.

Xanana spoke without a prepared text and in his speech reminded the youths not to forget and learn from the independence struggle ­ which was based on the blood and tears of the Timorese people.

“Our people have suffered for a long time till September 1999. All that suffering has now ended,” said Xanana.

“Let there not be more tears because of war,” added Xanana.

“Xanana urged tolerance during the election campaign and urged the Timorese people to be more tolerant of one another.

“Right now we are busy with political issues. But we need to be patient and tolerant in these moments,” he said.

Xanana urged Fitun members from all the 13 districts to champion human rights, freedom and environmental rights.

“All these are necessary to build the country,” he added.

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4. Falur: There Was Meaningful Progress At Meeting With Militia Leaders (Suara Timur Lorosae, Front Page third lead)

The tripartite Bali meeting between militia leaders, CNRT and the Defense Forces of Timor Lorosae (FDTL), which ended yesterday, had meaningful results said FDTL Commander Falur Rate Laek on his return to Dili from Denpasar last night.

“The militia leaders acknowledged that the [30 August 1999] referendum was the will of the majority of the people of Timor Lorosae who had been fighting for independence for the past 24 years,” said Commander Falur.

“The militia leaders also made it known that independence was for all, even those who belonged to the pro-autonomy faction,” added the FDTL commander.

Commander Falur told STL that he extended an invitation to the militia leaders to take part in the 30 August election.

“In my meeting with them, I said please just don’t go on talking and talking. I urged them not to lose their voice in Timor Lorosae and invited them to take part in the elections,” said Commander Falur.

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