Subject: LUSA: Officials Pleased with Strong Response to Party Registrations

East Timor: Officials Pleased with Strong Response to Party Registrations 8 Mai-11:58

East Timor's Independent Electoral Commission expressed satisfaction Tuesday with the solid start of party registrations for August constituent assembly elections, saying three parties had registered on the first day, Monday.

"It's a very encouraging beginning" and a sign that East Timor's parties "are serious about the electoral process", commission spokesman Jorge Gusman told Lusa in Dili.

The registration process for the Aug. 30 vote, a key milestone in the territory's advance to full independence, runs through June 24.

Of the three parties which formally presented their registration documentation Monday only one, the Timor People's party (PPT), had fully complied with requirements, Gusman added.

Both Fretilin, the historic party of independence, and the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), he said, would be required to present further, minor documentation.

Still to register, a fourth party, Kota, or the Confederation of Timorese Kingdoms, presented its political and government programs Tuesday, becoming the first party to do so.

Kota's secretary-general, Manuel Tilman, described the group as "centrist", saying it was "of the left" as far as social commitments were concerned but "of the right" in its respect for traditional power structures.

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