Subject: LUSA: Office of National Security Advisor Established

East Timor: Office of National Security Advisor Established 8 Mai-18:55

The transition administration of East Timor announced Tuesday that an office of the national security advisor has been established, headed by Nici Dahrendorf, who last June oversaw a study on the territory's defense.

That study, prepared by King's College in London, had envisaged creation of the office. Dahrendorf's responsibilities will include advising the territorial leadership and the UN on policies and strategies concerning "internal and external developments that may involve the area of security".

The office, which has been operational since late last month, will collect, analyze and coordinate pertinent information for the security services at the national and district level.

Dahrenhdorf may also call meetings of a national security council made up of senior members of the territory's UN transition administration and the East Timorese leadership, among other duties.

East Timor's security is currently the responsibility of UN peacekeepers supported by national and international police.

The first group of candidates for the East Timor Defense Force, which was formally founded last February, are currently undergoing basic training.

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