Subject: East Timor headlines/10May2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Thursday 10 May 2001

1. Kofi Annan: PKF will still be in Timor Lorosae after elections 
2. CPD-RDTL dispute Xanana threat claims 
3. Xavier: ASDT will use Fretilin symbols and ideology 
4. PSD emphasizes democracy education 
5. National media still ‘preaching’ from the top

1. Kofi Annan: PKF Will Still Be In Timor Lorosae After Elections (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline)

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan stressed on Tuesday that United Nations’ peace-keeping forces will be in Timor Lorosae till independence. He said the security situation in the country was still not normal yet.

Annan said the militia, operating at Timor Lorosae’s border with West Timor, were still waging an armed struggle to re-integrate Timor Lorosae with Indonesia.

“The situation is still not normal,” said Annan in his report to the UN Security Council, when recommending that 8,162 PKF personnel remain in the country till a new administration is established.

Though militia attacks have been at low-intensity, Annan said the militia was involved in illegal border trade and this provided them with intelligence information on Timor Lorosae.

“The entire militia has not been destroyed and they could be, again, a reckonable force,” said the Secretary-General.

Annan said the militias were seeking sanctuary in the refugee camps in Indonesia-controlled West Timor.

The secretary-general told the Security Council that Indonesia had failed totally in its obligations, as stated in last year’s Security Council resolution, to fully disarm the militia.

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2. CPD-RDTL Dispute Xanana Threat Claims (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page second lead)

The General Co-ordinator of CPD-RDTL Antonio Aitahan Matak yesterday rejected allegations that the group was behind the threats against CNRT President Xanana Gusmao.

In an official letter, which was obtained by STL, Aitahan Matak said CPD-RDTL cadres never had any intentions to harm Xanana because they were all Catholics. He added CPD-RDTL was the victim of a vicious false propaganda campaign.

“This is false propaganda intended to destablize the country,” said Aitahan Matak.

But in the letter, CPD-RDTL accused several high-level political leaders, in the country, and FDTL Commander Brigadier-General Taur Matan Ruak as being opportunists.

The politicians named in the letter are: Foreign Minister Jose Ramos-Horta, Minister for the Economy Mari Alkatari and PSD President Mario Carrascalao.

Aithan Matak also wanted two CPD-RDTL activists, arrested in connection to an attempt against Xanana’s life recently, to be released by Civpol.

“The two activists, currently in jail, are innocent. The real culprits are roaming the streets spreading false propaganda and they are not arrested,” added Aitahan Matak.

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3. Xavier: ASDT Will Use Fretilin Symbols and Ideology (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline Wednesday 9 May 2001)

Partai Asosiacao Social Democrat Timor (ASDT) will this week try to get itself registered with the Independent Election Commission. They intend to use Fretilin symbols and the party’s political ideology.

This was stated yesterday by ASDT President Francisco Xavier do Amaral in an interview with STL at his residence in Lecidere.

“As an old man, and all this time, I had been waiting for them [Fretilin central committee] to unite Fretilin. But sadly till now nothing has been achieved. Because of that, I have decided to form the ASDT Party which will take part in the 30 August elections,” said Xavier Amaral.

Xavier Amaral said he had already made preparations to register the party with the Election Commission.

“I am psychologically prepared for registering ASDT and we will defend the 28 November 1975 Unilateral Declaration of Independence,” said Xavier Amaral.

Xavier Amaral also urged Fretilin leaders to unite, and then register the party with the Election Commission after a declaration of unity had been made.

Xavier Amaral warned that if this was not done Fretilin would be split into two or three factions.

“If Fretilin is united, I will surrender all my power to the party. A united Fretilin will be the bridge to this country’s independence,” he said.

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4. PSD Emphasizes Democracy Education (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page third lead)

The main principle of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) will be to educate the Timorese people on democracy, freedom and legal rights.

This was stated yesterday by the PSD Deputy President Leandro Issac.

Leandro Issac gave his reasons on why the main principle was emphasized by his party.

“Why do we stress on democracy? This is because we can prevent conflicts and violence through proper awareness of democratic principles. We want to prevent what happened after the 30 August 1999 popular consultation.”

“At the popular consultation the losing party did not respect the democratic process. So they resorted to arms and started killing their own friends and destroying property,” added Leandro.

Leandro said democracy education was still in its fledgling stage in the country.

“When we talk about democracy, it just doesn’t mean stringing a banner with democratic slogans across the road. It’s more than that. When we talk about democracy we have to relate it to the daily lives of the people ­ how they relate to the whole democratic process. We have to conscientize everyone.”

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5. National Media Still ‘Preaching’ From the Top (Timor Post, Page 2 lead)

The news dissemination of national media in the country is still from the top to the people. This, said participants at a workshop organized by InterNews, was a legacy left behind by the Indonesians.

The participants warned that this process could alienate the ordinary people and thus cause them to distrust local media.

Jose Luis from Yayasan Hak said the local media needed editorial policies that allowed the voices of the ordinary people to be heard.

Jose Luis said this was important as the country was heading towards the 30 August election.

“We often find that information about the people is lacking in the local media. Their voices are not heard. We want to know whether the people are ready for the elections; whether they are still traumatized; whether they want to be members of a particular political party; whether they know that the elections this time is to select people for the Constituent Assembly?’ asked Jose Luis.

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