May 2001
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Early May

ETAN/NGO's Criticize Indonesia's Registration of E Timor Refugees

SBS Dateline reports on what Australia knew and what it wanted to know: 
See No Evil
; Australia's East Timor secret

May 27 - June 1
East Timor headlines - 1 June 2001
Timor Gap could pay up to $1.9bn a year to Dili
Timor border closed ahead of refugee registration
Smugglers' dispute blamed for grenade attacks
AidWatch: The World Bank, Human Rights and the East Timor Trust Fund
East Timor headlines - 31 May 2001
Cabinet Approves Election Bill, 10 Parties Seek Registration
Peacekeeping Force Likely To Stay In East Timor For 3 Yrs

East Timor headlines - 30 May 2001
East Timorese fear Megawati will be president, says Ramos Horta
East Timor headlines - 29 May 2001

Timor farmers smell the coffee rip-off
E Timor should be priority for Washington, says biographer
East Timor headlines - 28 May 2001
Bishop Nascimento Visits West Timor, Vote Postponement Possible
Australia's Diplomatic Disaster in East Timor

Timorese leader says amnesty only "after justice is done"
Runners of East Timor Have Emerged as Symbols of Independence
Gusmao's wife reflects on East Timor attack
Former army chief comments on Timor rights investigation
West Timor newspaper summaries 18-23 May

Justice Issues 

New Human Rights Project in East Timor

East Timor Seeks U.N. War Crimes Tribunal
Indonesia's Uresolved War Crimes
Timorese leader says amnesty only "after justice is done"
Divided Timorese Grapple with Issue of Justice vs Reconciliation

Human rights abuses emerge in East Timor vacuum- Amnesty
Call to support or scrap crimes unit
Lospalos Massacre Trial to Begin in July

Balibo killings- I want justice for my Brian
Grieving families fight for justice

Bishop Belo calls for a Tribunal
Solidamor demands Wiranto be charged
Rights group demands change to decree on Timor prosecutions
Guterres set to slip through the net on atrocities

UN may get access to Australian spy material
Timor's crime fighters in crisis

NGOs Criticize Gusmao's Stance on International Tribunal
Gusmao calls for focus to remain on human rights  
Jakarta's war crimes in E.Timor revealed (Indonesian report)

Sentencing of Atambua Killers
International Outrage at Indonesia Court's Timor Murder Sentences

UN's Annan shocked at Jakarta's Timor sentences
East Timorese independence leader savages Indonesian justice
Indonesia rights commissioner urges prosecutors to appeal Timor verdicts
Indonesian prosecutors consider appealing UN murder verdicts  

Dunn Report
ETAN posts Dunn Report on Internet
Timor report to be used in trials
UN Distances Itself From Report On East Timor War Crimes
Old friend of Timor says what others will not
Indonesian forces plotted Timor destruction

Other recent human rights related coverage

see Human Rights Issues page

May 20 - 26
Indonesia yet to restore security in West Timor- UN
Major differences resolved over Timor Gap- Downer
East Timor headlines-25May2001 - Reconciliation
World Bank dictates development
High-Level Reconciliation Meet Underway in Baucau
East Timorese Leaders Hold Talks
East Timor headlines-24May2001
Poll reveals public ignorance about East Timor election
East Timor headlines-23May2001

Indonesia prepares East Timor refugee registration
East Timor Headlines-22May2001
US invites former guerillas aboard
New East Timor Airline "Duili Express"

In Timor Gap Deal, Little Guy May Finish First
East Timor headlines-21May2001
Bishop Belo Prays for Peace at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine
Washington's Signal to Jakarta- Military Ties Depend on Reforms
E. Timor bishop calls for calm political process

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 1 & 2: 31 April 2000 with a focus on "Focus on
Funding East Timor's Reconstruction."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

Early May

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