Subject: Eurico Guterres invited to Independence Day celebrations

BBC Worldwide Monitoring August 16, 2001

Source: Detikcom web site, Jakarta, in Indonesian 16 Aug 01

Pro-Indonesia Timorese leader invited to Independence Day celebrations

Detikcom: East Timor pro-integrationist Eurico Guterres has been invited to the State Palace for Indonesia's 56th Independence Day celebrations. Guterres was apparently very enthusiastic about the invitation and said he would use the opportunity to give President Megawati Soekarnoputri some advice.

His advice will no doubt surprise supporters of the reform process. Guterres plans to suggest that Mega organize national reconciliation with former New Order powers.

The leader of the Red and White Defenders Forum has even proposed that she pardon all the wrongdoings of state officials from the New Order Suharto era.

"I have been invited to the palace for the 17 August celebrations. I hope to meet Mega and confront her directly on these issues so that the development of the nation, which has been ignored, can be a priority once more", said Guterres at Megamatra Hotel in Jakarta on Wednesday (15 August).

The former East Timorese militia leader also said he hopes Mega will occasionally hold breakfast meetings with all former Indonesian presidents still alive, including Suharto.

"We can not hold grudges against the New Order. Later there will be resentment towards the Reform Order and this process will never stop," he added...

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