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Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Thursday 23 August 2001

1. Xanana Gusmao: Still Many People Considering Themselves Warriors 
2. Kofi Annan: Timor Lorosae people must take part in the elections 
3. Women’s groups forward 10 demands to the Constituent Assembly 
4. Jose Lobato: Promises to establish two banks too far-fetched

1. Xanana Gusmao: Still Many People Considering Themselves Warriors (Suara Timor Lorosae, front page headline)

There are still many people with blood on their hands who insist on calling themselves warriors. Also, there are those who once collaborated with the Indonesian military intelligence and forgotten the sacrifices of Falintil in the struggle for independence.

This was said on Tuesday by the President of the Veterans Association of Timor Lorosae Xanana Gusmao when he visited Los Palos district. The independence leader in his capacity as president of the Veterans’ Association was in the district to campaign for peace and tolerance in the lead up to the 30 August election.

“There are still many people who consider themselves as warriors eventhough they were collaborators with the Indonesian military intelligence. Their hands still have blood,” said Xanana.

“Let them say they are warriors. That is their right. But let them not impose their will upon the people. Let the people themselves choose whatever parties they want to represnet them,” he added.

Xanana stressed that full independence meant freeing the people from poverty and ignorance.

“If in 15 years time the Timorese people are still living below the poverty line, then something is very wrong with that independence which they had gained,” he said.

“The people have a right to free themselves from poverty. They have a right to a better life. They have a right to live in peace and their children have a right to better education.”

2. Kofi Annan: Timor Lorosae people must take part in the elections (Suara Timor Lorosae, front page third lead)

The UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged the people of Timor Lorosae to participate actively in the forthcoming 30 August election for the Constituent Assembly. He said all eyes in the world would be on Timor Lorosae during that period.

Anna’s video-taped message was aired on TVTL last night.

"A spirit of peace and tolerance has marked the election campaign," he said. "You have clearly embraced the democratic process with great integrity and zeal."

In urging the Timorese to vote, the UN secretary-general said that in a democracy, it was both their right and responsibility. "I also hope you will tell your families, friends and neighbours to vote. All your voices must be heard," he said.

3. Women’s groups forward 10 demands to the Constituent Assembly (Timor Post, front page second lead)

Timor Lorosae women’s groups have forwarded 10 demands to the soon-to-be-formed Constituent Assembly. These demands said the women’s groups must be incorporated into the Constitution.

Among the demands made were the right to participate in politics; the right to education; the right to health; the right to be protected from violence and the right to be protected from exploitation.

This was stated by the Director of ETWAVE Olandina Maria Caeiro in an interview with the Timor Post. Olandina was addressing a seminar on women’s rights at the Tourismo Hotel yesterday.

Olandina said the 10 demands were made by organizations like Fokupers, OMT, ETWave, OPMT and other women’s groups.

But she said she was disappointed that there was a low turnout, at the seminar, of women from political parties.

“This is disappointing because the issues discussed were important for the future of women in this country. If we ourselves do not fight for our rights, who else will?” she asked.

4. Jose Lobato: Promises to establish two banks too far-fetched (Timor Post, Page 9 election special second lead)

Jose Lobato, son of the late Fretilin legend Nicolau Lobato, said in a Fretlin campaign in Komoro yesterday that certain parties were making empty promises.

For example, he said, there were some who were saying that two banks would be created in the country: one for the people and the other for the liurais or rajas.

“There are some politicians who are saying they would be able to build a bridge from Dili to Atauro island, if the people voted for them,” said Jose.

“These are impossible things and the ideas are too far-fetched,” he said.

“There are even some who are saying my father is still alive in the mountains and he will come down to lead the people soon. This is just not true ­ only propaganda to mislead so that the people would not place their trust in Fretilin,” added Jose.

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