Subject: Working Group on Timor Sea statement


Including representatives of four East Timorese NGOs.


Meeting of Saturday 18 of May 2002 at Knua NGO Forum, Dili, East Timor

Agreed points from meeting:


1. Has a duty of care to East Timor.

2. It can not just walk away from an unequal or unfair treaty regarding the Timor Sea resources.

3. Why has it not moved to declare East Timor's EEZ and Maritime Boundaries ?


1. It is stealing East Timor's maritime resources

2. It is wrong to insist on using the illegal 1989 Timor Gap treaty boundaries

3. It is trying to rush East Timor to sign a treaty during the celebrations of independence, not carefully and with full concentration

4. Australia is now taking 100% of oil royalties from Corallina/Laminaria of US$300 million per year, which under UN Law of the Sea ( UNCLOS ) should go to East Timor.

5. Under UNCLOS, East Timor is entitled to 100% of Greater Sunrise


1. Chief Minister Mari Alkatiri is operating in secret, we demand he explain his negotiation to the East Timor Parliament and to the East Timor people

2. He should not sign a treaty which jeopardises East Timor's rights and resources

3. The East Timor Parliament should not ratify what it does not understand, but have a Parliamentary Inquiry first

4. East Timor on May 20th should declare its claimed EEZ, and its intention to make this its Maritime Boundary


1. We welcome border negotiations with Indonesia

2. But Indonesia is showing disrespect by sending its warships into our seas just because we do not yet have our Maritime Boundaries

Further information please contact Eusebio Guterres - +61-(0)419 417 327 Adriano Nascimento - +61-(0)407 184 045

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