Subject: East Timor Press Review Tuesday 2 July 2002

East Timor Press Review Tuesday 2 July 2002

· Vice Minister of Health Luis Lobato was quoted by the Timor Post as saying that a total of US$8.5 million in funding is required for the health sector over the coming year.

· Former militia leader Eurico Guterres is quoted as saying that accusations made against him at the Jakarta Ad Hoc Tribunal are not realistic.

· The Japanese Government has reportedly funded a clean drinking water project in Dili worth US$11.2 million.

· Residents of Becora and Kuluhun in Dili are reportedly upset that a power cut occurred when they were watching the World Cup Final.

· Bobonaro District Administrator João Vicente is quoted as saying that he and the people of his district will welcome João Tavares and other former militia members if they decide to return from West Timor. However, he said Tavares’ request for a former militia cantonment in Maliana is not acceptable because it would lead to conflicts.

· Suara Timor Lorosae reports that Santa Cruz cemetery has run out of space for more burials.

· Timorese from various districts are reportedly coming to the Dili District Tribunal to seek justice.

· Pre-secondary school teachers at the Krystal school in Dili are demanding an official letter confirming their salary cuts.

· Delta, a Portuguese coffee company, has begun purchasing dry coffee in Ermera district at US$0.50 a kilo.

· The BNU bank is inundated with former Indonesian public servants who claim that their pension payments are incorrect.

· President Xanana Gusmão was reportedly warmly welcomed when he arrived in Denpasar yesterday.

· Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Ramos Horta is quoted as saying that maritime border negotiations between Australia and East Timor will take a long time.

· The Department of Solidarity and Labor has reportedly settled a total of 61 labor-related disputes.

· In an article relating to amnesty and Crimes against Humanity in East Timor, Bishop Belo is quoted as saying, “In order to achieve reconciliation we need to accept each other.”

· The Head of Dili District Court, Aderito Tilman, is quoted as saying that no judges have ever received bribery payments.

· In three separate articles STL reports that youth are finding it difficult to learn the Portuguese language.

· Dili National Hospital is reported to have been treating a high number of patients suffering from conjunctivitis in the past weeks.

[Drafted by: Ceu Brites UNMISET Spokesperson’s office]

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