Subject: East Timor Press Review Thursday 4 July 2002

East Timor Press Review Thursday 4 July 2002

· Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri’s assertion that newspapers must provide the government with space to air their views was reported by the Timor Post for the second day in a row. In the same article the Timor Post reported that since her nomination, Minister of Finance Madalena Boavida has refused to speak to the media.

· A report described President Xanana Gusmão placing a wreath at the Indonesian Hero’s Cemetery on the outskirts of Jakarta. Gusmão was quoted as saying that East Timor must have good relations with Indonesia because, as one of the poorest countries in the region, East Timor will depend on aid from Indonesia in the future.

· A number of high-ranking Indonesian military officials will reportedly be present at the Ad Hoc Tribunal in Jakarta next week.

· Residents of Viqueque district have criticized the Government for not coming up with an alternative water irrigation system now that the system they have been using has dried up.

· MP Antonio Cardoso (FRETILIN) reportedly said that if Indonesia demands asset compensation from East Timor then Indonesia must be held responsible for the damage it caused in East Timor between 1975 and 1999.

· A committee has been set up by the director of the National Democratic Institute to explain the democratic process to the young generation in the villages and to encourage them to put it into practice.

· The Judicial System Monitoring Program revealed that Alarico Fernandes, a former member of the Team Alfa militia group, was released on parole on 22 June.

· The Timor Post reported that many cases of eye problems occur during the dry season due to lack of vitamin C. Children under 10 years of age are most at risk. An Australian doctor is currently providing eye treatment and prescription glasses for US$1 a pair at the Dili National Hospital.

· Suara Timor Lorosae reported similar stories as the Timor Post regarding President Gusmão’s visit to Indonesia.

· STL reports that MP Arlindo Marçal (PDC) will be the first ambassador to Jakarta, assuming his duties in October.

· Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Ramos-Horta has reportedly stated that the Ad Hoc Tribunal in Jakarta must be given an opportunity to try those involved in serious crimes and human right abuses in East Timor.

· Residents of the Cacaulido area of Dili are complaining about dust pollution from the nearby Dai Nippon Construction and Serviço da Agua e Saneamento businesses.

· The President of East Timor’s Football Federation, Francisco Kalbuadi Lay, said that a national congress has been organized for later this month in order to study East Timor’s membership into the FIFA world soccer body in 2004.

· A report on the language issue in East Timor says that while Portuguese is difficult to learn, it can facilitate communication with other countries. However, a number of youth are quoted as saying that the Portuguese language is only for the older generation.

[Drafted by: Ceu Brites UNMISET Spokesperson’s office]

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