Subject: East Timor Press Review 11 November 2002

East Timor Press Review 11 November 2002

· Suara Timor Lorosae ran a story about last Friday clashes between F-FDTL and the Police in which Francisco Carlos Alves the UN Police Officer (Brazilian) in charge of the Orientation Unit said if investigations confirms that those officers-police and FDTL- involved in the clash are guilty then they will have to appear before a court. Francisco Alves stressed that police do not play around by getting involved in fights. He said that according to the law, it does not differentiate between police, army and the civil society. The law will act on those found guilty.

· In another statement, Francisco Carlos Alves appealled to all Timorese to obey the law and institutions like the police, army and the government.

· TLPS commissioner Paulo Martins stressed that Friday’s incident was a personal conflict and not an institutional one but the matter will be dealt with by the two institutions. Mr. Martins appeals to all the police officers in Dili to remain calm and to allow the institutions time to resolve the problem. In the same article Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri was of the same opinion as Commissioner Martins that the problem will be resolved by the two institutions.

· On Saturday Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri officially opened the community radio in Gleno, Ermera District. PM Alkatiri said the function of the radio is bring the community together and avoid conflict. It reported a further 8 community radio stations will be established in other districts by Community Empowerment Program (CEP).

· The Minister of Internal Administration, Rogério Lobato, said the Government of Republica Democratica de Timor-Leste only recognizes 442sub-districts (suku) established during the Portuguese period. The Minister added that it won’t be until next year that the government will discuss sub-districts created during the independence period. There are currently no regulations regarding this matter.

· In the Tetum page of STL, it is reported that Ainaro District representatives are not happy with the people working for the Commission of Reception Truth and Reconciliation (CRTR) in that the district because they were the ones collaborating with the Indonesia army for the killing of many residents. It is claimed that residents of are not going to participate in the commission’s work.

· A group of ninjas has been established in Uatu-lari, Viqueque sub-district to try to regain possession of their’s which were taken away by the pro-Indonesia residents. Regarding this issue, MP Leandro Isac said the government must be active involved with the reconciliation process in that area in order to restore peace following last month problem. Mr. Isac who was part of the delegation to Uatu-lari added that the people involved in this matter are willing to sit and resolve it.

· On Sunday (3/11) residents of Viqueque village held a protest against the aid provided to former clandestine members claiming that only a few received the aid.

· It is reported that 10 Timorese police officers will soon travel to Malaysia to undergo a further 6 months training in the area of national security.

· In Oecussi District 6 teachers have been assigned to teach 450 primary school students reports STL. The district is claiming teachers’ shortage.

· The Timor Post front page read: Analysis by Julio Pinto; “Elite arrogant party can destroy”

· Julio Pinto says Fretilin party can be destroyed though the party leaders comments. Mr. Pinto said the arrogance of the party’s leadership can lead to it’s own downfall.

· In a separate article, Julio Pinto is of the opinion that the police force should be responsible to the President because of the independence of that office. He said that with the police under Internal Administration they will always be perceived as having to bow to a group because (government now under Fretilin).

· The Timor Post also carried a photo of last Friday’s incident with a caption that reads: Lieutenant Colonel, Falur Rate Lae traveled from F-FDTL headquarters to provide security and calmed the clash.

· Member of Parliament, Sabino Lopes of Democratic Party said many politicians have not yet forgotten the problems of the past of 1975.

· The Timor Post reported that Timorese students in Portugal conveyed their concern when they learned about last Friday incident through the Portuguese news agency, Lusa. The President of Timorese University Students in Coimbra, Antonio Ramos, said this incident reminds the Timorese people of the problems between Indonesia police and the army, TNI confrontation which led to shootings in the districts of Same and Ainaro when the country was under Indonesia rule. He said the statement made by TMR that it was an isolation case is incorrect because the people see it as two institutions entering into conflict.

· The Timor Post reported that illegal gambling (kuro kuro) has begun in the Comoro market.

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