Subject: LUSA: Justice demanded for ex-Jakarta senior officials behind Santa Cruz massacre

Also: East Timor commemorates cemetery massacre

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East Timor: Justice demanded for ex-Jakarta senior officials behind massacre

Dili, Nov 12 (Lusa) - East Timorese students and human rights groups called Tuesday for an international court to judge those responsible for human rights abuses during the Indonesian occupation of Timor, on the anniversary of a massacre in which over 100 people died.

At a rally commemorating the twelfth anniversary of the massacre in Dili's Santa Cruz cemetery, students and members of NGOs carried placards of ex-Indonesian president Suharto and the former commander of Jakarta's armed forces, General Wiranto.

An international war crimes tribunal for the two senior officials was demanded by the protesters.

A crowd of about 2000 gathered to hear Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri and the speaker of the Dili parliament, Francisco Guterres, recall the significance of the Santa Cruz massacre in Timor's independence struggle.

Alkatiri told the crowd that the demonstration preceding the massacre "represented the courage of Timor's youth". The events of November 12, 1992 had shocked the world and were a key moment in Timor's independence fight, said Alkatiri.

Speaking for President Xanana Gusma, who is currently overseas, Francisco Guterres said the events at Santa Cruz would always remain in Timor`s history. He added that the slayings of unarmed civilians proved that "the liberation struggle was a long and difficult battle".

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East Timor commemorates cemetery massacre

12/11/2002 23:07:40 | ABC Radio Australia News

A mass has been held and the national flag flown at half-mast in East Timor to commemorate the 11th anniversary of a massacre by Indonesian troops.

The day-long ceremony marking the 1991 shooting of independence supporters near Dili's Santa Cruz cemetery began with a mass attended by about 50 people at the Motael church.

Prime Minister Mari Alkatari led a gathering of about 1,500 people at parliament and flew the flag at half-mast.

Mr Alkatiri says the 1991 protest exemplified "the bravery of youth by sacrificing their lives" at the cemetery.

Acting president Francisco Guterres told the crowd the shooting was a reminder that "the fight for freedom was a long and difficult battle".

East Timor, a former Portuguese colony, was invaded by Indonesia in 1975.

It voted in August 1999 to break away from Jakarta despite a campaign of intimidation by army-backed pro-Indonesia militias.

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